Form Meets Function with Case Goods


Having spent the past week with a personal organizer who helped wittle down the ever-accumulating amount of wares a house aqcuires, the need for storage in our lives remains of the utmost importances. You should never have to sacrafice design or a pleasing aesthetic sensibility, when it comes to adding function to the home. In comes the case for case goods (pun inteneded!). Above, a stunning example of appointing a gorgeous chest, the work of the iconic Frank Randolph.


Case goods are pieces of furniture that are essentially built like a box, such as cabinets, a chest of drawers or a breakfront. These pieces are generally meant for storage, and so their construction often incorporates drawers, doors and shelves. In recent years, the category has extended itself somewhat to occasional tables that you might put in a hallway or foyer. The point is, in the home, having a surface to place things either for display or function, is often overlooked but most imporantant.

Above, an example of form meeting function is aptly exemplified in the image from Ann West Interior’s living room: on the surface, two lamps and an array of perfecly placed object d’art. Underneath, she stores her china, wares and serving platters.


We’re always a bit partial to the Swedish, Scandinavian look. It’s clean, light and airy, sure to brighten the heaviness of any room.


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