3 Easy Ways to Accessorize a Bookcase



Whatever the dimensions, there is one thing that all bookcases have in common: an abundance of display area. Even the most experienced decorators can have moments of doubt when arranging accessories, but the following tips can serve as the building blocks for any design scheme.


A couple of weeks ago, a customer visited the store with a photo of bare bookshelves and an expression of outright frustration. Not sure how to proceed in styling a bookcase she recently purchased from us, we were able to provide her with three easy suggestions that would effectively guide her in her mission to accessorize the piece.


1) Display a COLLECTION…


Most people have some sort of collection they have gathered throughout the years; a bookcase is the perfect place to put these items of value on display. For example, with an assortment of blue and white Canton ware or Imari ware, the possible combinations are endless because there are so many shapes and sizes available. Create small groupings, layering a platter behind a smaller plate or a large vase in between two medium-sized vessels. While these pieces have a common theme, because there is so much variation, they will certainly add visual interest in a room.

C.R.Book-Cupboard with Blue&WhiteVASES-6.3x5

2) Use COLOR…


This closely relates to displaying a collection. By choosing objects from the same color family, the idea is that you’ll create a unified palette to anchor your room. With a collection of white porcelain, the simplicity of that material would go nicely with muted cream vellum covered books interspersed between shell boxes and some pieces of driftwood or coral. Many different textures have been included, but the objects maintain a connection through repetition and coloring.




In general, a bookcase is an area in the room where you can have some fun. If books are primarily what you’ve placed within, try stacking them horizontally instead of placing them vertically. Instead of using bookends to hold a series in place, try an antique box or a small doorstop. Shelves are also great places to display small pieces of art or unusual objects you don’t necessarily have a place for otherwise. Use these to fill in empty spaces! The most important thing is to maintain a sense of balance. A large stack of heavy coffee table books on the top shelf of a bookcase would probably overwhelm a smaller collection of delicate figurines placed below. Mix the two between the shelves, and add another set of smaller-sized books to accommodate the differences in size between the two collections. A sense of balance is restored.


Remember, it may take some time to completely style your bookcase, but The Kellogg Collection has the perfect accessories to jumpstart the process. Stop by and see us!

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