Interior Design Made Simple: Update Your Room with One Accent Piece


You’d like to update one of the rooms in your home, but you only have the space for one purchase on your wishlist. How do you choose? Although it may seem daunting, there are ways to achieve a completely new look with buying only one new piece of furniture. This chosen piece of yours should have the ability to refine the room effortlessly, but at the same time, don’t overthink it; the smallest alteration can spark the biggest transformation! Regardless, we’re here to help with our list of 5 ways to transform your living room with one accent piece!


5 Ways to Change Your Living Room with One Accent Piece


1. Sofas, Stools, and Settees, Oh My!

A new sofa is the biggest change you could make to your living room, as it sets the room’s tone for both comfort and style. Rather than worrying about finding a couch that matches exactly with its surrounding pieces, draw your focus to what it is about a certain style that pleases you. Keep your eye open for details you like: an intricate style of carving on the leg, a type of stitch or tuft that makes your heart swell, an interesting fabric that plays the roles of being both striking and functional–or even something as simple as the unit’s size.

Photo Credit: A La Mode
Photo Credit: A La Mode

Looking to add edge to a mundane dining room? Replace some chairs with a dining bench; these benches are manufactured to be as luxurious as a posh chaise, or as rustic as a country workbench. For the living room, consider the flexibility of a couple upholstered stools or an ottoman; they not only serve as additional seating, but can also be used as a surface.

2. Lovely Lighting

Lamps and other lighting accessories can be the perfect (and budget-friendly) way to completely transform any room in your home. Floor and desk lamps provide indirect lighting that is both flattering and easily changeable. Also, with the wide spectrum of different lamp bases and shades, you can add a whole new pop of color or design nuance to a room! If you’re a person who loves the natural lighting, go for lighter-colored draperies against your windows for a sense of understated sophistication.


3. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

Well, the rumors are true; a mirror can really make the smallest room look gigantic. Try this: place a mirror in between two windows to expand the look of your room. Looking to elongate and widen your narrow hallway? A few large-sized horizontal and vertical mirrors will do the trick. Also, don’t forget about the bathroom! Hanging an oversized mirror over your bathroom sink will be an instant fix–turning the dullest space into a true vision of glamor.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

4. Plethoras of Pretty Pillows

Various pillows can add a spectrum of color and texture to a room, but be sure to keep the number between 5 and 9. By being selective with your pillow display, you won’t risk overdoing it: like all accessories, a little can go a long way. The great thing about having a rather large inventory of different pillows is that can be rearranged and recycled throughout the year.

dana-ford loveseat no tag

5. From Rugs to Riches

Following closely behind the sofa, a rug is the second most important home accessory; as a room’s foundation, a rug can make or break an entire design concept. If your living room has hardwood floors, try adding a couple bold area rugs to liven up the space. By toying with a variety of sizes and colors, you may just find that aesthetic boost the room needs.


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