Well-Read: 3 New Decorating Books on Design Legends


It’s a good time for books on design and decorating. Every publishing company seems to be putting out an increased amount of tomes devoted to interior design and home matters. Bloggers are routinely now getting book deals, and long time interior designers who have yet to publish a book of their work, have all picked 2013 to be the year they finally do it!
We’ve already talked about Tommy Scheerer’s buzz worthy title that debuted last month, a book long overdue. This month there are a few more books to look forward to, covering similarly iconic designers: Thomas Pheasant, Stephen Stills, and Suzanne Kasler.



Filled with Thomas Pheasant’s soothing schemes, Simply Serene is a textbook for modern classicism. The two images shown above depict Pheasant’s restrained, clean aesthetic that the design world has admired for years. Gorgeous photography coupled with straightforward copy, this book reflects the pragmatic style Pheasant loves.



The first compendium of renowned designer Stephen Sill’s solo work explores hushed, refined spaces in which every element – from chalky plasterwork to assiduously selected furniture to museum-quality art – adds up to a supremely elegant brand of chic. For the lover of dramatic interiors and artistic, eclectic flare, Stephen Sills Decoration is sure to please.



In Suzanne Kasler’s new book Timeless Style she showcases new projects that exhibit her fun “traditional with a twist” look that is ever-so-chic. This book is very in-depth, chronicling 8 different houses, and each project is given 30+ pages. It’s as if she is taking you on a personal tour throughout her portfolio!




What is impressive about Kasler and about this book is the vast range of aesthetics she creates for her clients. From traditional Southern to scandinavian modern, she can do it all. You’ll be inspired and learn from this book, which is especially good at showing the power of non-generic decorating and authentic creativity.
Come into Kellogg and see which book is right for you (and which you should give during the holiday season).

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