Hosting For The Holidays

  Time flies between Halloween and The New Year and if you are anything like me, you recently hauled that last box of Halloween decorations back to the garage just before you watched your hubby and kids polish off the Thanksgiving leftovers.
You’re exhausted. But, you still have one more month of party going, gift giving and hosting before you are out of the woods.  Be strong, I know you can do it!
Our new blog series, “Hosting for the Holidays” will help you navigate the next month.
Today, I wanted to talk about having a houseguest.  Hosting someone, no matter how dear they are to you, can be tricky. No one wants to impose and as a host your goal is to graciously open your home.
There are many ways a host can help make a guest comfortable and relaxed in your home. Here are a few:
The Guest Bedroom: This is your guest’s space for the time they will spend in your home. Making sure this area has everything they will need is important. A beautiful set of bed linens and an unwrapped bar of soap with a fresh set (or two) of towels will help convey to your guest that you thought about their needs. Go the extra mile and place a bottle of water with a welcome note on the nightstand.

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The Bathroom: A bathroom is a very private and personal place. Your guests will be appreciative if they have ample toilet paper, soap hand towels.


The Living Room: If you spend much time in this room, it is always nice to keep an extra throw around for those chilly nights.



The Kitchen: Before your guest arrives make sure to inquire about food allergies and shop with them in mind. Place fresh fruit and snacks on a table in plain sight so your guest feels free to get a treat without having to rummage through cabinets.
So if you are writing a list of supplies you need to prepare for an upcoming houseguest, remember The Kellogg Collection. We have a great selection of bed linens, towels, soaps and throws all of which are sure to make any guest feel comfortable.

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