Helpful Tips for Styling Pillows

By Madison Latture

Ever wonder how to select and arrange throw pillows?  We hear you and we’ve got you covered.

Today we’re talking about one of our most popular items: PILLOWS!  We firmly believe pillows are the perfect way to balance color and style while bringing life to a room.  From bright and punchy to neutral and calm, we gladly boast a wide a variety of options. Not only do we have an excellent selection in stores, but we also create custom pillows in any size + fabric you wish!  

With endless possibilities, it can be a touch difficult to determine what pillows will fit your space best, so we wanted to break down a few of our basic “rules” for selection.  

First and foremost, consider all the elements in your space: wall color, sofa color and texture, rug pattern and metal or wood components. These pieces will play into pulling out the best of what you already own.  Take, for instance, the photo below:


Here we have nicely blended the dark wood, brass and glass elements with the soft oatmeal toned sofa by using pattern play. The pillows in this image pull the warmth of the wood with the formality of the metal in a fun and inviting way. Additionally, we balanced the bold pagoda pattern with a simple border pattern to give it texture but not compete or introduce new colors. In just two simple pillows, we have transformed this entire space!  

Next, consider how you might layer the pillows to create the best visual experience. Below we have modeled a few great options for layering:


We love the way these bold blue Chinese pillows blend perfectly with the small prints on the lumbar pillows and ottoman.  The two accents add shape and texture without distracting from the lovely, bold print.



Another example of pillow layering is perfectly executed by this shot from our McLean shop.  Here we have contrasted the small printed shams with two varying sized border print throw pillows.  We love how simple and clean this look is while still giving a punch of color and style.

Now you’re almost ready to tackle pillow layering on your own, but before you buy your next set, consider these helpful tips:

 – We suggest lumbar pillows for accent chairs, beds, and occasionally as a “centerpiece” on your sofa.  This style blended with a classic square pillow creates dimension and aesthetic interest.

 – Balance, balance, balance! Try to have two sets of matching pillows and play with your patterns (but don’t get too crazy).  Think big scale with small scale or mix textures for a simple, yet chic and lux look.

 – ASK US!  All our store associates are well versed in pillow selection and customization.  It’s one of our favorite topics and we love to share our knowledge with you!

Lastly, we offer 48 hour “approval” for all our pillows, so pop in and grab a few you may like and try them in your space without fear of commitment.  This is the best way to figure out what combination works best for your furniture and lighting!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of our favorite accent element and we look forward to meeting you soon.  Happy pillow picking!



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