Change the look of your room – Accessorize it.


Do you have the basic pieces for your room but the room still feels unfinished?  Perhaps you want a new look but don’t want to invest in new furniture right now.


Accessorizing is a great way to update or finish a current room in your house.  Adding lamps (instead of using the overhead lights all the time) adds warmth to a room.  Artwork and mirrors anchor a space and give it visual interest.  Pillows add color and texture.  Books, picture frames, plants, bowls, candlesticks and/or boxes add personality and intimacy.


Adding a few new elements can change a room you once dreaded  into one of your favorite spots in the house.


If you already have a rug, use that as a jumping off point for color and style.  If you don’t have a rug, check out an earlier blog post here about choosing one and its impact on a room.


The wonderful thing about accessorizing is that you can use what you already have and add what you don’t have over time.  Do you have a favorite print or oil painting in the hall?  Move it over your sofa and give it new life.  I’m sure you have family photos in a box somewhere, buy some new frames and arrange them on your end table.


Different colors and accessories give a room its own personality.


In the following photos you will see how adding different accessories to the same space can alter the feeling of a room.


So take a look.  Hunt through your house for some inspiration and begin the process of transforming your space into something you love.


An unfinished space looking for love.


You already have a sofa, coffee table and end tables.


By starting with this oil painting in a brushed gold frame you add a touch of formality to your room. Add brass accents, floor lamps and fresh fun pillows you get an updated, traditional room that exudes warmth.


Using cooler colors, blues and silvers, gives the same furniture grouping a completely different feel. The mercury glass lamps and graphic picture combined with greek key pillows and simple table accessories makes this room a little more transitional and great for a beach or river home.


I love it, but what do I do with it?


Perhaps you have a beautiful console from your grandmother. You love it but can’t imagine how to incorporate it into a space in your room. It looks lonely and awkward by itself.


Add prints, a lamp, an occasional chair and some books and you have transformed a lonely corner into an inviting and warm reading area.


Or, instead of a set of prints and a table lamp, use a mirror and a floor lamp. This vignette would be equally at home in a foyer.


If you are in need of inspiration or advice, stop by The Kellogg Collection.  We would love to help you fill in the holes to make your room the room of your dreams.

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