Trending Now: Ikat [ee-kaht]


Ikat is everywhere now a days.  Whether you are flipping through your favorite magazine, selecting a new china pattern or just visiting your local watering hole, you have probably seen Ikat something. But what is it? Is it here to stay or just a current trend that will fizzle out?
The term “Ikat” can be used many different ways but it is most recently found to describe a specific pattern.  Ikat is likely one of the oldest forms of textile decoration, dating back to at least the pre-Columbian civilization and was believed to be practiced – in some form – in many regions around that same time. Its dying technique is similar to that of tie-dying (which most of us did as children). The biggest difference between tie-dying and Ikat, and the easiest way to describe the process, is that in an Ikat textile the fibers are dyed BEFORE construction rather than after.
The Kellogg Collection has thoroughly enjoyed watching Ikat pop up in the most unexpected of places.

ikat tile

Tiled Ikat bathroom

zoya1-resized-600 (1)

Zoya Nailpolish


Ikat Salad Plates by SPAL Porcelanas
And we hope it stays around in the fashion industry….especially when it takes the form of these YUMMY Manolo Blahnik’s!


But, without a doubt, at the Kellogg Collection, we prefer our Ikat on our favorite upholstery frames.


Beige Ikat on our Margate Chair. See this chair today in our Washington DC Store!

ikeswick constantini green1-resized-600 (1)

And here on our Keswick!
Haven’t gotten enough eye-candy yet?? Here is another photo of a vignette that is currently on the floor of our Baltimore Store!


And now for the million- dollar question. Will Ikat fizzle out like so many other trends? Yes, sooner or later I believe it will lose its traction in the fashion industry and I don’t think girls will be donning it on their nails in 10 years.
But in terms of Ikat in the interior design world – it’s here to stay.  It has been around for literally centuries and will always be stylish. The Kellogg Collection has been showing it since the early 90’s and will continue to do so for years to come!



Chair sold at Kellogg Collection in 1993 – Still relevant today!

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