Spotted on House of Cards Season 3: The Kellogg Collection!

Perhaps you agree with us: House of Cards season three was a wild one with the Underwoods in the White House. Our eyes were on the home and office décor. Though it was exciting spotting our pieces in the sets on previous seasons, there was something particularly special about spotting some of our pieces in the fictional executive mansion.
Note: some photos have been lightened and are all property of Netflix.
In the White House, we spotted two pieces of art available at The Kellogg Collection: Caribbean Study V and VI.


Kellogg Collection House of Cards interior design

Kellogg Collection House of Cards interior design
In the fictional oval office, we spotted a coffee table almost identical to one of ours:

glass top coffee table house of cards

White House Kellogg Collection home decor
…and then another coffee table in reporter Kate Baldwin’s living room. She also has a couple of our hurricane lanterns:

kate baldwin home decor house of cards

hurricane house of cards

Kellogg Collection House of Cards interior design
The Underwoods loved their Bamboo tray table so much, they moved it from Claire’s office at their previous home and right into the White House:

house of cards bamboo tray table

Kellogg Collection House of Cards interior design

In addition to the items above, The Kellogg Collection has thousands of beautiful pieces of furniture, fabrics and more that work with that Underwood White House aesthetic.
Netflix and House of Cards are unaffiliated with The Kellogg Collection, and this article is not meant to imply any sort of endorsement or sponsorship.

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