What Is A Garden Stool, Anyway?

Garden Stools

Garden stools: They come in so many colors, they look great in a room, yet it might be tough to figure out exactly how to decorate with these unique pieces of furniture once you buy one. It turns out these ceramic (and sometimes metal or wooden) stools are actually quite functional and versatile and can serve a variety of decorative uses in a home.

Garden Stool

Thanks to the waterproof finish on garden stools, these pieces do well functioning as their namesake: a stool in a garden. Leave it on a deck, in a garden, or out on a porch with little worry about water damage. Should you buy a metal or a wooden stool, double check with a Kellogg employee that it will do well outdoors.

Garden seat in a shower

Garden stools can also serve as a seat in a bathroom, and it can add a punch of color in the process.

Garden seat set

Bring several together with a glass or wooden top for a colorful and interesting table indoors or out. If you’re expecting extra guests, simply remove the top and voila! You have extra seats for the soirée.

Garden seat

The stools can function as decorative side tables ready to hold books, drinks and other knick knacks.

Garden seats living room

Or, just keep a few stools nearby to use as extra seating when company comes over.
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Images via Houzz and the Kellogg Collection

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