Starting From Scratch? Start With A Rug!

Have you ever started decorating a room from scratch and ended up with pieces that you like but just don’t gel together?  Most people tend to shop first for what they need the most which tends to be functional pieces like sofas and chairs.  This may make sense at first but you will end up making the process harder on yourself down the road.  The selection of rugs is limited compared to the endless possibilities of fabrics for your furniture – so make it easier on yourself and start with a rug!


The rug sets the foundation of the room, which is important when starting from scratch.  It will determine the color scheme of a room and the color scheme will influence every other aspect: wall color, upholstery, pillows, artwork, and accessories! The rug even has the ability to guide the furniture layout of a space.  When trying to figure out the correct rug size for your space, a good rule of thumb is to go as big as the room allows.  Using a larger rug that fits the entire room will allow you to utilize the entire space.  With all of these design factors that rely on the rug, you can understand that if you start the decorating process with the rug, everything else will fall into place.  Here are some examples of how a rug can set the foundation of a room:


Dhurrie rug in soft blue, taupe, and ivory tones


Casual, striped rug in coral, blue, and yellow


French country style Nourmak rug in reds and golds



When designing the scenes in our stores, we always start with the rug which we display on the wall so you can see how much of an impact it can have on the rest of the furniture in the space.  Here are some examples from our store scenes:


Blue Thaelia needlepoint rug sets the color scheme for this space


Grouping the rug with fabrics and pillows on a smaller scale will help to coordinate colors


 A warm and inviting space



If you already have a room of furniture and are finding it difficult to find a rug that matches your current color scheme there is always the option of going neutral on the floor with a neutral colored rug as shown here:


A neutral wool rug creates a flexible foundation for this handsome window scene


You can also incorporate pattern and texture in your neutral rugs like this diamond sisal


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