There’s No ‘Right’ Way To Decorate With Pillows

Polly McKenna
Polly McKenna, The Kellogg Collection

What’s one way to redecorate a living room without throwing out the sofa? Add some new home accessories – specifically, pillows! We talked to Polly McKenna, the manager and in-house interior designer at our Richmond location, about how the right pillows can change the look of a room.

“The truth is, there is no ‘right’ way to do it!” she said, and then she showed us what she meant, first with a vignette light on pillows:

Kellogg Collection


Though no pillows on a couch is a perfectly lovely look, it’s missing something. Pillows added to the look lends personality and balance:Kellogg Collection


Kellogg Collection

McKenna likes to mix old and new styles (Greek fretwork pillows with a striped pillow, or iKat pillows with muted striped pillows). A room can be quickly updated with pillows decorated with modern patterns. McKenna likes for pillows to have colors that complement other elements in the room. In this case, she used pillows with cream, pink and coral tones.

Moving on to a vignette with a blue and white scheme, one can see how her color choices really begin to contrast and pop, first from a vignette that is light on pillows…:

Kellogg Collection


…to a few that include more pillows:Kellogg Collection

Kellogg Collection

Kellogg CollectionFollowing her advice of matching to your room’s color scheme still leaves a lot of room for creativity with pillows. The possibilities are endless, and we’re always in the neighborhood to get you started! Our stores have pillows on display which you can take home, as well as wall displays with even more pillows.

Pillows can also help change the mood of a room. In our Baltimore store, we swapped in a summer scape piece of art and light blue and white pillows to brighten up this vignette for the warmer season:

Kellogg CollectionKellogg Collection

With cooler months ahead, it may be time to move to a wintry palette of navy blues and browns – and a cozy blanket, too.

Browse some of our pillows here, and come in to our stores to see even more combinations for your home.

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