Upholstery: It’s All In The Details!

A little while ago, we wrote about upholstery and fabrics at The Kellogg Collection. This post will go a little more in-depth with extra special details that will make your piece of upholstery truly unique, whether it’s with nailhead trim, a banded skirt, or the coveted “four way match” fabric application.
Nailhead trim is one way to add a very polished finish to an upholstered piece. Variables like the size of your nailheads, the finish, and how you’d like them spaced will help you achieve the look you are going for.
nailhead trim nailhead trim nailhead trim

Headboard nailhead trim

Nailhead Trim

A contrast welt is another method for trimming a piece of upholstery. This look features a thin line of contrasting fabric instead of the usual self welt, that makes the piece appear as if it’s been outlined or traced. It is one way to really highlight the shape of an upholstery frame.

contrast welt


Another element to think about for your upholstery is the “skirt” along the bottom. Would you like a kick pleat or a waterfall? What about a decorative band along the bottom? Our talented team is always available to talk through the different options with you.

Waterfall Kick Pleat Banded Skirts

Banded waterfall skirt
Banded waterfall skirt
Banded waterfall skirts
Banded waterfall skirts
Waterfall skirt
Waterfall Skirt
Kick pleat skirt
Waterfall Skirt
Waterfall skirt (and an ottoman with nailhead trim!)
Or you may not want a skirt at all!
Or you may not want a skirt at all! This sofa has legs with casters.

Tufted upholstery is a luxurious-looking touch to a piece of upholstery. This effect is created when upholstered buttons are pulled deep into the back of a sofa, chair, or other piece of upholstery creating tufts.

Tufted loveseat
Tufted loveseat
Nailhead trim
Tufted dining chair with nailhead trim
Tufted sofa
Tufted loveseat
Tufted Ottoman
Tufted ottoman
A pair of tufted chairs
A pair of tufted chairs with nailhead trim

One final, very important thing to remember – should you pick out a large pattern for your upholstery – is to look for a “four way match.” You want the fabric on the skirt to line up with the arms, the seat cushion, etc. It’s a level of detail that’s easy to take for granted, but a four way match on a pattern with a large repeat is a sign of high quality workmanship.

Four way match
Four way match – the stripes flow through the two pleats and up into the seat cushion.
Four way match
Four way match – the diamond pattern flows from the bottom, up through the cushion and finishes in the back.

Four Way Match
Four Way Match – the pattern is beautifully lined up through the skirt, seat cushions, arms and back.

We hope this piece gives you a lot to think about as you decide on a look for your next piece of upholstery! Feel free to come in to one of our four shops and ask us questions about these and more upholstery customization options.

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