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Interior designer Tom Scheerer is having a moment. Which, after 20 years as a staple tastemaker in the design world, is due time. His new book Tom Scheerer Decorates debuted last month and everyone is raving about it’s perfect mix of practical advice, dry humor and inspiring visuals of his timeless interiors.
Although this native New Yorker has a degree in architecture, he prefers the term “decorator.” How refreshing is that? He puts it this way, “We’ve lost confidence in the power of decorating, which is the part of design I like the best.”

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Scheerer’s style is hard to pinpoint because it rests so firmly outside of “trendy” decorating. He says in his book that he likes to think of his rooms as “cheerful” with a reference to his great influences trying to achieve the same thing.

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His rooms tend to be tailored, textured, and tonal rather than heavily embellished, although his “relaxed modernism” often embraces what one might call more old fashioned antique pieces. Think a bentwood chair, or series of mallard prints hung in a grouping. Somehow he makes incorporating it into his mix look chic!
Above, he’s had this chest handpainted to match the chintz on the chairs, for an overall pretty look that seems completely appropriate for a bedroom.

Interiors of Tom Scheerer for Book

“In keeping with Scheerer’s personal style, the book is unpretentious, straightforward, contains a smattering of his pet peeves and exhibits just a touch of dry humor. The reader learns about his background (which so clearly informs his aesthetic) and then is skillfully led by Mimi Read through a broad range of projects from Maine to Paris, with frequent stops down in the islands too.”—Style Court

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