The word “Chinoiserie” is as beautiful on the ears as the pieces of décor it represents. It is a term borrowed from the French word for Chinese, “Chinois,” and is used to describe the European interpretation and inclusion of Chinese and East Asian art. One of the most popular ways we see Kellogg customers bring […]

By adminon February 2, 2018

The first day of spring isn’t until March 20, and it’s going to be pretty chilly until then. You can’t rush mother nature to bring beautiful florals and greenery into your home, so what can you do?   Here’s our secret: For flowers that look beautiful year-round, cheat a little with our faux botanicals! Buy […]

By adminon February 19, 2016

The quatrefoil motif is one that appears on several pieces at The Kellogg Collection. Perhaps you think it is a lovely symbol, and perhaps you wondered if there was any symbolism or history behind it. It turns out there is quite a bit. First of all, there isn’t a right way to do a quatrefoil. This symbol […]

By adminon July 1, 2015

  Fresh New Accessories From Highpoint Market   What a whirlwind trip to Highpoint this year, literally.  The wind was strong enough to turn umbrellas inside out.  And trying to cover Highpoint in two days is a challenge.  But we found great new things for the store.   These new pillows will look great with […]

By adminon May 29, 2012

  Often, customers inquire about our selection of trays in various shapes and sizes. It’s an accessory that I think is frequently overlooked but one that can serve many different functions.  It can be given as an unexpected housewarming gift, used as your all-purpose serving tray, or placed on a coffee table to unite a […]

By adminon March 30, 2012

  Do you have the basic pieces for your room but the room still feels unfinished?  Perhaps you want a new look but don’t want to invest in new furniture right now.   Accessorizing is a great way to update or finish a current room in your house.  Adding lamps (instead of using the overhead […]

By adminon February 24, 2012