Let There Be Light



One of the things most overlooked when it comes to the well appointed space is lighting. Often times, the focus on placing furniture in the right place, the flow of the room or hanging pictures correctly, dominates the conversation. And yes, placing furniture and accessories cohesively is an accomplishment.
The best way to highlight this accomplishment is with the correct lighting for both atmosphere and function. For all your efforts, nothing will sabotage your hard work faster than a lighting program that hasn’t been well planned!


On Lamplight

Technically, there are different lamp lighting: task lighting and overall lighting. The former assists us in accomplishing specific tasks that require congtrolled illumination like reading or writing, cooking, etc. The latter, overall lighting, is the absolute opposite. It’s all about creating atmosphere and adding visual weight to a tablescape. There’s tremendous opportunity for decorative touch, in the base you choose.
“For many of us, the most agreeable way to light a room is with table lamps,” Mark Hampton


Above are some examples of using one lamp to create a dramatic statement and illuminate a scene in a room.


Of course, there is nothing more striking than a pair of significant lamps greeting a visitor in an entry way of someone’s home. Mark Hampton famously said in his book On Decoration:

“It seems to me that the act of leaving a lamp lighted on the hall tabe for those who have not yet returned for the night is rather like the ancients leaving lamps on the altars of their favoritie deities. It is a warm, loving gesture and a welcoming sight to the one who is returning. Somehow, leaving a recessed ceiling ligh on doesn’t quite evoke the same cozy feeling.”

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