It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas at The Kellogg Collection

December is here, which means that little voice inside your head telling you to get decorated for the holidays is growing louder and louder. If you’re looking for new things to add to your festive decor, look no further than your nearest Kellogg Collection shop!
Vintage-style pillows, $312 each
These festive pillows are new for the 2016 season for The Kellogg Collection. Throw one of these onto your sofa, like we did below, to bring in some nostalgic Christmas vibes.

Vintage style pillows $312 each
Louis-Sherry Chocolates, $25/box

Give the gift of incredible chocolates by the legendary NYC confectioner Louis-Sherry, packaged in a beautiful gold and red box.
Botanical Arrangements
Buy our arrangements as-is, or buy pieces by the sprig and build your own. We also have gorgeous wreaths ready for you to take home. Psst – you can go out of town and not worry about watering these faux plants!
Cheese Straws and Lemon Straws, $22
It’s not quite Christmas without a bowl of cheese or lemon straws out on a table 24/7. Don’t be surprised if Santa eats all of them while you’re sleeping.
Virginia Cocktail Peanuts
These are so yummy! We have the dark chocolate and sea salt flavors available. You should probably get both of them!
Liberty Puzzles
We carry these puzzles year-round, but this time of year, we have festive puzzles! These wooden puzzle pieces feel nice to handle and will give the whole family something to do together.
Assorted Ornaments
From feathered and animal print globe ornaments to clip-in birds that look like they’re real, you’ll love the ornaments at The Kellogg Collection ready to put on your tree. Just look around our shops and you’ll find little Natalie Silitch angels, snow globes, tiny stuffed dogs, sparkly stars, bells and more to complete your tree décor. Almost all of our ornaments fall in the $6-30 range.
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Holiday Home Accessories
Tabletop Santas, golden reindeer, miniature trees and candles – we have that je ne sais quoi that’s missing from your holiday tablescape and mantel.
Throw the best Christmas dinner party
Placemats, candles, cookies, cocktail napkins, party crackers and more will add an extra festive flair to your gathering.
The scent of the holidays
Which will it be: Smell of Christmas potpourri or Frasier Fir candles?
Decorative Ribbon
Treat yourself to several spools of gorgeous ribbon to use on gifts, garlands and more!
Stocking Stuffers
Adorable phone booth fireplace matches, guest towels, wine baggies, notes, games, books and other little knickknacks will put a smile on any recipient’s face.
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