Interior Design Made Simple: 1 Room: 3 Floor Plans


One of the challenges in interior design is figuring out the puzzle of space planning.  Every client is different and wants the space to function to their specific needs.  It could be a large family that wants a casual room with lots of seating or a single person that wants a room to be intimate for everyday use but also have the ability to entertain occasionally.


To start, a good rule of thumb is to use the fireplace or a window as the focal point in the room.    For upholstery, we recommend sofas paired with chairs or even two separate sofas as opposed to large sectionals which are harder to work with because they are very limiting on how you can plan the space. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to float furniture!  It will create more defined spaces and purpose within the room.


Some ‘must-have’ objects may also be a challenge for some to incorporate into a room like the huge flat screen television, or the beautiful piano that has been in your family for years.   For many, the television becomes the focal point because it is used so often, but it does not have to appear that way.  Placing it near a window or fireplace, or hiding it in an armoire, may do the trick of keeping the room balanced and aesthetically pleasing.


Here are some examples on how 1 room can be transformed into 3 different floor plans:


If you need lots of seating, you can treat a large room as one space with a custom cut sisal or wool area rug and lots of different seating options with sofas, club chairs, ottomans and side chairs to pull into the space when needed.


You may want to separate the room to function for different activities. As you can see, having 2 separate area rugs will help separate the space visually and allow for an intimate seating area as well as a game table or dining area in the other half of the room.


In this example we can address the challenge of the piano and TV. Separating the space gives the piano a place to shine rather than making it look like it was forced into the room. Adding a small seating area gathered in front of the piano creates a story or music area and gives the piano purpose in the room. The TV is placed between the fireplace and window and therefore the seating arrangement makes sense.


If you ever have any questions or challenges on space planning in your own home, stop in any one of our 5 shops and we will be glad to help!  If you have a larger project, feel free to contact one of our designers: email or call 202-363-3165.

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