In-Stock Furniture? Why You Can’t Always Get What You Want


When you’re redecorating a home it can be a large task to take on. You may opt to work with a designer or take on the process alone. You may be working to complete your new home design by a certain deadline. When you have a time frame in mind you do not want to wait for your couch to arrive. It can be frustrating but some stores no longer carry in-stock furniture. How does this affect your design and why are stores choosing to take this course of action?


In an article from November 2011 from Furniture Today it was discussed that many companies are outsourcing their furniture. Companies are turning to Bangladesh and Cambodia for their production. The outsourcing is due to lower cost for labor wages. When a company can save money in the future they may choose to build a new plant, hire new workers and train them instead of sourcing from the states.


Manufacturing in Egypt

Furniture Manufacturing

Many companies have stopped carrying in-stock furniture as they are downsizing their warehouses. Frames for couches and loveseats are being built but the fabric is not attached until the order is placed. This allows the companies to have smaller showrooms and less overhead. However, it also eliminates the instant gratification of taking home a new couch the day you buy it.


There are many reasons that you may want your couch in less than six to ten weeks that some retailers take to make it such as:


• A family reunion is coming up
• There will be a wedding at your home
• A child is graduating and you’re hosting a party
• Thanksgiving dinner was moved to your home
• Holiday parties are coming up
• You are moving to a new home
• You are redecorating
• An accident ruined your current couch


When this happens who do you turn to? There are a few internet retailers who have large warehouses but no stores. If you shop from them you may get your couch in less time than say West Elm whose Dunham Sofa can take from one to ten weeks to arrive depending on your fabric choice. The benefit of going to West Elm, however is that you can sit on the couch, touch the fabric and see how it feels when you and your spouse are seated on it.


The time frame gets even wider when you look to purchase a custom designed couch. Williams Sonoma is the parent company of West Elm. They offer a similar design esthetic with a higher quality line. The Williams Sonoma Home Presidio Loveseat isn’t available in any fabric for rush delivery. There is a minimum of a four week wait time for this piece. When you are planning for Thanksgiving that means you must have picked out your couch before Halloween.


Does this mean that when you want a unique, high quality piece you are completely out of luck?  No. The Kellogg Collection has thousands of pieces to choose from that are in their warehouse and ready for immediate delivery. You could decide you like the Ford 66 sofa which has a tight seat, tufted back, rolled arms and classic turned wood legs on casters. You may not have decided to get a new sofa until the weekend before Thanksgiving. That’s ok. By the time you get the turkey home from the grocery store for the big Thursday meal you will have your couch.


Many companies do not have in-stock furniture anymore. However, when you want what you want when you want it you still have some options.  The Kellogg Collection keeps items in-stock both online and in its stores.

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