Escape Winter with Seaside Decor


In the dead of this dreadful winter we’ve all been enduring, let us reflect upon Seaside style. It could be that many readers might be lucky enough to escape to their second home in a warmer climate. Just looking and thinking about the coastal style is bound to wipe the winter blues right away. Avoid the cheesy traps often seen when it comes to appointing a beach house. Here are some elements we love, that will safely provide sophisticated seaside decor appropriate for any interior space.


1. Nautical Maps – There’s something obvious about, say, sailboat wheels or anchor motifs. But the subtlety of nautical maps is a sophisticated way to pay homage to the ocean. Homeowners Harriet Maxwell MacDonald and Andrew Corrie framed a local map of Shelter Island in their modern scandinavian beach house a nice way to incorporate a sense of location within their space.


Or you can pair a modern table with a technical chart for a light and airy aesthetic.


2. Palm Fronds – Your locale doesn’t have to be in the Caribbean in order to utilize palm plants or cut palm fronds. For a dramatic look, do what India Hicks did in her Harbour Island residence and put large cut palm fronds in over sized vases.


We love the example of adding tropical flare to your space by grouping an over sized bunch in a vase on your mantel.


3. Coral – It’s a trend that’s still going strong in the design world. Adding touches of natural curiosities to your tablescapes bring an organic, uniquely seaside aesthetic. And coral is slightly less blatant then shell collections, which can verge into tacky territory. Joan, from the blog For the Love of a House, intentionally adds fan coral to her mantel in the summertime.


If displaying coral on the mantel feels too overt, casually incorporate it into your coffee table display.



4. Straw Hats – Chances are you own a few straw hats that you only really wear at the beach or in the garden. Why not put them on display? Either stagger a few choice hats on the wall or pile a bunch of them together in an artful grouping.


5. Seascapes– There is nothing like an actually well painted oil of a seascape. Especially the more subtle depictions of serene beach or lake scenes. Hang them in groupings, or on their own.