Did you know that many items that you see in our shops are unique to The Kellogg Collection and cannot be purchased elsewhere? These pieces are hand selected products developed specifically for our customers. We are supporting local artisans when we move these items, and their talent allows us to offer many products that can […]

By adminon May 16, 2018

The word “Chinoiserie” is as beautiful on the ears as the pieces of décor it represents. It is a term borrowed from the French word for Chinese, “Chinois,” and is used to describe the European interpretation and inclusion of Chinese and East Asian art. One of the most popular ways we see Kellogg customers bring […]

By adminon February 2, 2018

It seems like 2017 was the year of the bar cart! We saw more of our customers coming in looking for these this year than any other year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a stylish way to display your best drinkware and sprits, and bar carts are usually easy to move from room-to-room […]

By adminon December 29, 2017

The most wonderful time of year has arrived at The Kellogg Collection! From candles, soaps and festive placemats to decorations like miniature trees and ornaments, here are a few of the items we’re offering this holiday season to spruce up your home: Top off your Christmas tablescape with a tree candle. $16 each How to […]

By adminon November 29, 2017

It’s been 35 years since Pam Kellogg Green first opened the doors of The Kellogg Collection, our high quality home furnishings and custom design shop which now has four locations in Washington, D.C.; Mclean, Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; and Baltimore, Maryland. Green launched The Kellogg Collection in 1982 after she read an article in House Beautiful […]

By adminon June 30, 2017

  We’re here to turn a bit of “common knowledge” on its head. Anyone who has pets or children tends to avoid light fabrics on their upholstery out of fear of inevitable spills and messes. Stop envying your polished friends with their perfectly white and beige sofas and chairs, and start introducing those shades back […]

By adminon March 6, 2017

    December is here, which means that little voice inside your head telling you to get decorated for the holidays is growing louder and louder. If you’re looking for new things to add to your festive decor, look no further than your nearest Kellogg Collection shop!   Vintage-style pillows, $312 each   These festive […]

By adminon December 1, 2016

For millions of years, humans have relied on animals to stay fed and warm. After some time, not any animal pellet would do, and the skins of the most dangerous and exotic animals quickly became prized material for the world’s most powerful people. Our priorities have shifted today as it’s extremely illegal to sell leopard […]

By adminon October 24, 2016

Elegant and classic pieces, ceramic and ginger jars date back to the dynasties of China. Ginger jars first came about during the Qin Dynasty of about 200 BC, when traders would fill gorgeous colorful Chinese jars with sought-after ginger spices and haul them together back to the west. Those within the Qin Dynasty used the […]

By adminon July 13, 2016

Since The Kellogg Collection first opened its doors over 30 years ago, we’ve collected thousands of discontinued fabric swatches, remnants, scraps and more. What to do with these pieces of fabric? We were very happy to meet Kathy Thorne, who leads Quilting Angels, a group of about 40 talented volunteer quilters who sew quilts for […]

By adminon May 27, 2016