Antique Mirrors From France Have Arrived At The Kellogg Collection

Let’s take a moment to “reflect” on a new, limited line of items at The Kellogg Collection: Two dozen antique mirrors from France are here! These beautiful mirrors are Louis Philippe period mirrors. That’s period, not style – all are from the 1870 to 1890 timeframe, and the look of these large, statement mirrors is a look unique to France. No two mirrors are exactly alike, and each one has its own look and personality.
We’ve captured the details – carvings, painted details, and antique glass – for you to browse in the photos below. Note that these are all gold leaf, applied in a multi-part finishing process known as water gilded. The “silver” mirrors are actually white gold.
You’ll notice one of the examples below has a little red coming through, which our source hypothesized was likely due to an over active housekeeper wiping the 24KT leaf, which over time comes off and exposes the under color. This red is a look some people love (though there are also some that don’t like this look!).
Our source travels often to Europe in search of beautiful and unique furniture, home accessories, and antiques. These mirrors were bought primarily in and around Avignon and Montpellier. We are so excited that we snatched up these truly limited edition pieces, and now one (or more!) of these mirrors can be yours. Please call or email our Washington, D.C. shop for more information.
IMG_3003 IMG_3006IMG_2997 IMG_3000IMG_2995 photo 3 (11) photo 1 (18)

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