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Bookcases – They’re Not Just For Books

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Who doesn’t love a bookcase loaded up with wonderful old leather-bound books? Many homes, new and old, have built-in bookcases ready for display. Unless you are lucky enough to own lots of books to fill them up, you might need some help getting them looking styled and fabulous!


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Architectural fragments, ceramic accessories, framed photos and baskets can help fill up the space in addition to pretty books. Not every shelf has to line up with each other; try staggering the shelves to create visual interest.
Framed artwork may be hung on the face of the bookcases to give a layered effect. Try painting the back of the bookcase with a complementary paint color to dramatically set off what is being displayed or paint the entire fixture itself. The contrast of the brass wall sconces against the blue bookcases are a handsome feature, not mention the additional lighting that they bring to the space:

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Collections massed together in groups always makes a well styled shelf. Integrate stacks of books into your collection to create varying heights in the display. Assemble memorabilia from different parts of the world as mementos of where you have traveled.

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Color is a another way to add continuity to bookcase displays. Group things by similar colors, materials and tones to create visually appealing shelves. Don’t forget – the spines of books add color, too:

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No detail is too small. Some of the best displays are groups of un-like objects. Your display could simply be a grouping of some of your favorite things. Tortoise boxes, sea coral and Chinese blue and white porcelain are artfully arranged to perfection in this bookcase:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.39.04 PMShown below are several “before” photos from a historic row house project that included a large built-in unit. The homeowner had an extensive collection of sheet music and some wonderful family treasures that they wanted to include.

20130906_124131-resized-600 20130906_1241271-resized-600
And after:

What a difference a few hours can make. The Kellogg Collection team transformed this client’s home by organizing what the customer already owned and by adding some carefully selected items from the shop.
No matter what your decorative needs are – whether you need new things to enhance your shelves, or a total home makeover – come in to one of The Kellogg Collection’s four stores for advice from our talented staff.
Images via House Beautiful and Pinterest

It’s ‘Hurricane’ Season!

Not only does June bring warmer weather and the early days of summer, but it also marks the beginning of hurricane season. While I am referring to the weather, it is also most definitely time for hurricane lamp season. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, adding that extra touch you need for your table at a garden party, there are many different shapes and styles of hurricane lamps and lanterns.

Hurricane Home Decor

Typically, a hurricane lamp contains a tall, cylindrical barrel-shaped glass, which is sometimes topped with a dome. This shape served the original purpose of blocking high winds so the flame inside would not go out. In current times, however, these lamps serve to be more decorative than functional.

Hurricane Home Decor

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

Shown above are a variety of styles of hurricane lamps available through the Kellogg Collection. These lamps can stand alone, or as a pair or even as a collection.

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

A great feature in adding these decorative gems to your home is that they look spectacular displayed both in and outdoors. Place hurricanes on a fireplace mantle, an end table, a coffee table, or as a centerpiece on your dining room table. The options are endless!

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

Not all hurricanes are built alike; some are made from wood. Some designs are inspired by the arts and crafts movement, while others have Asian pagoda flair.

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

Be sure to stop in The Kellogg Collection, pick up your favorite styles, and get yourself ready for a great entertaining season! Don’t forget your batteries and emergency supplies for those other hurricanes!
By Ali Glass