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In-Stock Furniture? Why You Can’t Always Get What You Want


When you’re redecorating a home it can be a large task to take on. You may opt to work with a designer or take on the process alone. You may be working to complete your new home design by a certain deadline. When you have a time frame in mind you do not want to wait for your couch to arrive. It can be frustrating but some stores no longer carry in-stock furniture. How does this affect your design and why are stores choosing to take this course of action?


In an article from November 2011 from Furniture Today it was discussed that many companies are outsourcing their furniture. Companies are turning to Bangladesh and Cambodia for their production. The outsourcing is due to lower cost for labor wages. When a company can save money in the future they may choose to build a new plant, hire new workers and train them instead of sourcing from the states.


Manufacturing in Egypt

Furniture Manufacturing

Many companies have stopped carrying in-stock furniture as they are downsizing their warehouses. Frames for couches and loveseats are being built but the fabric is not attached until the order is placed. This allows the companies to have smaller showrooms and less overhead. However, it also eliminates the instant gratification of taking home a new couch the day you buy it.


There are many reasons that you may want your couch in less than six to ten weeks that some retailers take to make it such as:


• A family reunion is coming up
• There will be a wedding at your home
• A child is graduating and you’re hosting a party
• Thanksgiving dinner was moved to your home
• Holiday parties are coming up
• You are moving to a new home
• You are redecorating
• An accident ruined your current couch


When this happens who do you turn to? There are a few internet retailers who have large warehouses but no stores. If you shop from them you may get your couch in less time than say West Elm whose Dunham Sofa can take from one to ten weeks to arrive depending on your fabric choice. The benefit of going to West Elm, however is that you can sit on the couch, touch the fabric and see how it feels when you and your spouse are seated on it.


The time frame gets even wider when you look to purchase a custom designed couch. Williams Sonoma is the parent company of West Elm. They offer a similar design esthetic with a higher quality line. The Williams Sonoma Home Presidio Loveseat isn’t available in any fabric for rush delivery. There is a minimum of a four week wait time for this piece. When you are planning for Thanksgiving that means you must have picked out your couch before Halloween.


Does this mean that when you want a unique, high quality piece you are completely out of luck?  No. The Kellogg Collection has thousands of pieces to choose from that are in their warehouse and ready for immediate delivery. You could decide you like the Ford 66 sofa which has a tight seat, tufted back, rolled arms and classic turned wood legs on casters. You may not have decided to get a new sofa until the weekend before Thanksgiving. That’s ok. By the time you get the turkey home from the grocery store for the big Thursday meal you will have your couch.


Many companies do not have in-stock furniture anymore. However, when you want what you want when you want it you still have some options.  The Kellogg Collection keeps items in-stock both online and in its stores.

Three Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Sofa


chandler sofa


Like a car, buying a sofa is an investment and both purchases should last for years.  And like a car you want comfort, good mileage (durability) and maybe a splash of color.


When you buy a sofa the most important question to ask yourself is “where is the sofa going to go”?  Of course you know what room it will go in but in answering the “where” question think about who will use it, how often and for what purpose.


Will your toddlers be bouncing around, will your teenager be napping or will you use it for holidays only?  In other words do you want to sit on the sofa or in the sofa?


Once you answer those questions you should start thinking of the style of sofa you want to buy.
Style – use the internet or magazines to help identify your preferences.

  • Tight back or loose cushion back – Tight backs provide firmer support and tend to look a little more tailored or formal.  While loose backs tend to be cozier and inviting.
  • How many seat cushions – One cushion looks more modern while two or three looks more traditional.
  • Arm size and style – An english arm is smaller and very traditional but very trendy right now.  A rolled Lawson arm is larger and might be best for napping.  Finally a straight arm has clean lines and is more modern.
  • Skirt or no skirt – Sofas with legs (non-skirted) are very popular these days.  Some of the most traditional sofas have legs, and so do some of the most contemporary.  Skirts add softness and warmth to a room.


Construction — the key to comfort and longevity.

  • Frame – The best and most durable are constructed of kiln-dried hardwoods.  The joints should be double wooden dowled (as opposed to glue, nails or staples).  The base of the sofa should be made of heavy-gauge steel springs supported by steel bands and 8-way hand tied.
  • Cushion – Depending on the firmness desired, cushions can contain springs, foam, synthetic fiber, down/feathers or any combination.  The illustration below, curtesy of Lee Industries, shows cushion cores.  The top cushions are the firmest and the bottom the softest.

Fabric — possibilities are endless.

  • Match fabric and lifestyle. Leather is long-lasting and great for a specific look.  Cottons and linens are durable and can be treated for stain resistance.  Wool is also very durable.  Silk is lovely for little used rooms.  A textured fabric will be more resilient than a flat fabric.
  • Color is a big consideration.  Choose a color you can live with (remember buying a sofa is a long term committment).  If you are starting a room over, find a rug first.  Then buy the sofa (and other upholstered pieces).  Paint should be last.  It is the easiest and least expensive element in the room.
  • How about neutrals?  Neutrals are a great choice for almost everyone.  A great textured neutral is very forgiving.  While colors come and go your neutral sofa will stay in style.  And if you love lots of color splash your sofa with pillows and a throw.


Don’t forget to take a test drive – always try a sofa before you buy it, it’s the only way you will know if it is comfortable, for you.


Buying a sofa can be a little overwhelming.  But just like any other large purchase you make the more research you do up front, the easier and more fun the purchase will be for you

Private Label Tables


This year is the 10th anniversary of our partnership with artisans in Western Maryland who create a line of small, elegant tables exclusively for The Kellogg Collection. They are distressed and finished in our signature cherry. Some are of our original design, and some are inspired by antiques.


The three-tier rectangular end table, one of our most popular designs. The tables are ideal for smaller, more traditional spaces that are common to so many older homes in our region. We found that many manufacturers produce furniture that is oversized, which is a reason we decided to create this exclusive line.


Our nesting tables are another top seller.


This hall chest is just one foot deep, ideal for small Georgetown foyers, for example, or one of the Cleveland Park Victorians that have been converted to smaller condos.


We have offered many designs over the past decade, and have developed a well-edited collection of our best sellers — the timeless shapes that will never look dated in your space.


The Martini table is a multi-tasking beauty: there is room for your cocktails on top, but also includes a small drawer for a book and a magazine holder on the bottom.


This end table is inspired by French antiques, with its delicate cabriole legs and top drawer for small necessities.


Our tea caddy is not only highly functional; its seductively carved box makes for an excellent conversation piece.


We also offer versions of the tray table, in classic sizes and detailing, but not too precious for an active home.


The Bamboo Tray Table


The Butler table


The entire collection of tables in our exclusive, private-label line range between $500 and $2,000, impressive price points for handmade, local craftsman ship.

3 Easy Ways to Accessorize a Bookcase



Whatever the dimensions, there is one thing that all bookcases have in common: an abundance of display area. Even the most experienced decorators can have moments of doubt when arranging accessories, but the following tips can serve as the building blocks for any design scheme.


A couple of weeks ago, a customer visited the store with a photo of bare bookshelves and an expression of outright frustration. Not sure how to proceed in styling a bookcase she recently purchased from us, we were able to provide her with three easy suggestions that would effectively guide her in her mission to accessorize the piece.


1) Display a COLLECTION…


Most people have some sort of collection they have gathered throughout the years; a bookcase is the perfect place to put these items of value on display. For example, with an assortment of blue and white Canton ware or Imari ware, the possible combinations are endless because there are so many shapes and sizes available. Create small groupings, layering a platter behind a smaller plate or a large vase in between two medium-sized vessels. While these pieces have a common theme, because there is so much variation, they will certainly add visual interest in a room.

C.R.Book-Cupboard with Blue&WhiteVASES-6.3x5

2) Use COLOR…


This closely relates to displaying a collection. By choosing objects from the same color family, the idea is that you’ll create a unified palette to anchor your room. With a collection of white porcelain, the simplicity of that material would go nicely with muted cream vellum covered books interspersed between shell boxes and some pieces of driftwood or coral. Many different textures have been included, but the objects maintain a connection through repetition and coloring.




In general, a bookcase is an area in the room where you can have some fun. If books are primarily what you’ve placed within, try stacking them horizontally instead of placing them vertically. Instead of using bookends to hold a series in place, try an antique box or a small doorstop. Shelves are also great places to display small pieces of art or unusual objects you don’t necessarily have a place for otherwise. Use these to fill in empty spaces! The most important thing is to maintain a sense of balance. A large stack of heavy coffee table books on the top shelf of a bookcase would probably overwhelm a smaller collection of delicate figurines placed below. Mix the two between the shelves, and add another set of smaller-sized books to accommodate the differences in size between the two collections. A sense of balance is restored.


Remember, it may take some time to completely style your bookcase, but The Kellogg Collection has the perfect accessories to jumpstart the process. Stop by and see us!