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There’s No ‘Right’ Way To Decorate With Pillows

Polly McKenna

Polly McKenna, The Kellogg Collection

What’s one way to redecorate a living room without throwing out the sofa? Add some new home accessories – specifically, pillows! We talked to Polly McKenna, the manager and in-house interior designer at our Richmond location, about how the right pillows can change the look of a room.

“The truth is, there is no ‘right’ way to do it!” she said, and then she showed us what she meant, first with a vignette light on pillows:

Kellogg Collection


Though no pillows on a couch is a perfectly lovely look, it’s missing something. Pillows added to the look lends personality and balance:Kellogg Collection


Kellogg Collection

McKenna likes to mix old and new styles (Greek fretwork pillows with a striped pillow, or iKat pillows with muted striped pillows). A room can be quickly updated with pillows decorated with modern patterns. McKenna likes for pillows to have colors that complement other elements in the room. In this case, she used pillows with cream, pink and coral tones.

Moving on to a vignette with a blue and white scheme, one can see how her color choices really begin to contrast and pop, first from a vignette that is light on pillows…:

Kellogg Collection


…to a few that include more pillows:Kellogg Collection

Kellogg Collection

Kellogg CollectionFollowing her advice of matching to your room’s color scheme still leaves a lot of room for creativity with pillows. The possibilities are endless, and we’re always in the neighborhood to get you started! Our stores have pillows on display which you can take home, as well as wall displays with even more pillows.

Pillows can also help change the mood of a room. In our Baltimore store, we swapped in a summer scape piece of art and light blue and white pillows to brighten up this vignette for the warmer season:

Kellogg CollectionKellogg Collection

With cooler months ahead, it may be time to move to a wintry palette of navy blues and browns – and a cozy blanket, too.

Browse some of our pillows here, and come in to our stores to see even more combinations for your home.

The Monogrammed Bed: Make it Your Own


“They really make things your own, elevating even the simplest item into something unique and distinct in our highly technical and impersonal world” – Cynthia Brumback, author of The Art of the Monogram.


When you enter your bedroom you should feel an extreme sense of comfort and warmth. It is one of the most important places in your home that exudes exactly who you are and what you like. In many bedrooms the actual bed is a very central point of focus, and a great technique for adorning your bed is to use a monogram style bedding. In fact, what could possibly make a room more “you” than to have your initials on display? (If you are unfamiliar with monogram etiquette, take a quick lesson here). Most monogram styles are heavily neutral allowing you endless possibilities to tie in amazing colors, textures and patterns throughout the rest of your sacred space.


In her book, Cynthia Brumback relates the concept of the monogram with tradition. The presence of the monogram has been shown throughout time in fashion, on jewelry, and in the home.
The photo above shows a master bedroom designed by local interior designer, Kelly Proxmire which features a script monogram on a white bed spread. The turquoise color of the actual monogram is featured in the details throughout the remainder of the bedroom. The multitude of textures along with the monogram bring this gorgeous room to life.


Like any perfect outfit, a bedroom needs accessorizing, and the best way to doll up your room to make it “you” is to use decorative items; such as throw pillows and blankets, an interesting head board or bed frame, color coordinating lamps on your night stand etc. Just as a necklace might be the perfect addition to your favorite spring dress, the details are what tie all of these rooms together.


The three photos above all show different styles of monogramming. In a shared master bedroom the monogram might be of a couples names, their shared last initial being in the center and the groom’s first initial on the left, and the bride’s first initial on the right. There are many options to chose from when it comes to font, whether your style be more classic, or whimsical, etc.

monogram 1


Just as everyone wants their bedrooms to be warm, inviting, and comfortable that too is a major priority when we host guests. A guest room should feel accommodating, clean, and neutral. The guest bedroom should flow accordingly with the décor in one’s home. Using monogrammed bedding for our guests is a way of inviting them into the traditions of our families, similar to bringing out our finest dishes for a dinner party.


twin beds pink

girly 1


These pops of pink and orange are amazing for a feminine interior showing a different twist on the monogrammed bed. The first photo uses a monogram solely on the pillow cases, the quiet in an otherwise busy room, and the second with a much smaller scale, not only on the pillow cases but on a folded over sheet as well.  Both of these styles are a very subtle way to add monogramming into your space without being too serious.



masculine 2


In a more masculine setting, subdued color is the way to go. Needless to say, neutrals are perfect for when you want a bit of calm in your space. They transition very well if you want to change the color of the walls or floors, or any of your room’s smaller decorative items. Rooms like the two shown above use a very toned down color palette allowing the monogram on each bed to really stand out. It allows it to be a central focus.


In master bedrooms and guest rooms alike, the most common and practical ways to incorporate your monogram is to keep to a neutral bedspread. Allow the color of the monogram to be your pop, and to accent the walls and other decorative items in your space. When you are looking to design your perfect bed be sure to stop into The Kellogg Collection, and choose from one of the amazing brands they carry such as Peacock AlleySferraLegacyJane Wilner, Matouk and in addition to their many private label collections.