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Take Your Home Décor On An Exotic Voyage With Chinoiserie

The word “Chinoiserie” is as beautiful on the ears as the pieces of décor it represents. It is a term borrowed from the French word for Chinese, “Chinois,” and is used to describe the European interpretation and inclusion of Chinese and East Asian art.

It all begins with a little blue and white.

One of the most popular ways we see Kellogg customers bring Chinoiserie to their homes is with blue and white ginger jars – but this is just the beginning. Decorating with Chinoiserie is about experimenting and being bold. It’s about contrasting your space with a punch of flavor from the Far East.
Add Asian fabrics and patterns to incorporate this exotic feel to your aesthetic:

Subtle details: The cream threads on the green pillows reveal two formal Asian women…

…which is the same fabric as the upholstery in this room!

The duvet and shams on this bed are covered in chinoiserie fabric.

Look for Asian shapes, like pagodas, to bring a new curve from the other side of the world to your traditional space.

A gold pagoda lantern adds exotic flair to this vignette in our Richmond shop.

Bamboo and pagoda come together beatifully in this headboard.

Asian wall art is bold, beautiful and elegant. Everything from photography and paintings to calligraphy and bamboo frames will make a room feel more exotic. Even if the artwork isn’t technically Asian, but captures a certain Asian essence, grab it, and remember it is your home and you should decorate the way that makes you feel happiest.

Bold blue-and-white Asian paintings and a gold bamboo mirror decorate this upper hall by Diane Litz.

It’s no secret that Chinese culture and most of Asia loves the color red. Red has never been the most popular color for home décor in the Western world, so Chinoiserie is your chance pull red, blacks, golds, and glossy finishes to your space.
Jog your memory for Asian trinkets or gifts you’ve collected in life. Gifts from friends, or souvenirs from your own travels to Asia, should be pulled out of storage, shined up, and put on display. It’s those bold, quirky-but-elegant pieces that tend to solicit the most glances and compliments, especially if you have a good personal story to accompany the piece.
Or perhaps your story is that you got it at your favorite store (wink wink).
We hope we’ve inspired you to let your home décor travel to new lands! Come to The Kellogg Collection to see our latest pieces inspired by Asia that you’ll want to have in your home.

Celebrate in Style with a Glamorous Bar Cart

It seems like 2017 was the year of the bar cart! We saw more of our customers coming in looking for these this year than any other year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a stylish way to display your best drinkware and sprits, and bar carts are usually easy to move from room-to-room thanks to wheels at the base – which means easy party set up for a host.
Selecting your bar cart
When picking out a bar cart for your home, the first thing to think about is which material you want. Do you prefer one that is predominantly gold and glass, silver and mirror, rattan, iron, or clear acrylic? Would you like one that is stationery, or one with wheels? Two or three tiers? There are several looks to go with, though no matter what you choose, you’ll end up with a functional and pretty piece for your home.

Metal and mirrored bar cart, 26.5″W X 16.5″D X 30″H

Bamboo and rattan beverage stand,  40″W X 19″D X 38″H

Oval glass and gold bar cart, 34.5″W X 17″D X 31″H

Metal and mirror bar cart, 32″W X 17″D X 32″H

Three tier glass and acrylic bar cart, 26″W X 16″D X 37″H

Iron and glass bar cart, 34″ X 16″ X 32″

Styling your bar cart
Once you’ve brought a new bar cart home, the next step is styling it. Sure, you could line up all your liquor bottles and call it a day, but put a little more pizzaz into it and you can transform your bar cart to bar ART.
Don’t: Be too cluttered. Quality over quantity! Put your nicest bottles on display, plus your finest pieces of drink ware and perhaps garnishes, like a few limes in a bowl. This should be a place to show of your prettiest party pieces, and not turn into a place where you just stash anything and everything cocktail-related.

Do: Think about levels and layers. Designer Jonathan Savage in Nashville, with the same acrylic bar cart as we showed above, added height with orchids, and used books to create visual interest at the base of two levels, then added drink ware and tools to fill the rest of the space. 
Do: Think seasonal! We love how Jenny at Shop Society Social warmed hers up for the holidays with a sheepskin rug, gold details, seasonal garnishes and gifts.

Do you have a bar cart from the Kellogg Collection in your home? We want to see it! Tag us on Instagram and we just might regram you.

Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays With The Kellogg Collection

The most wonderful time of year has arrived at The Kellogg Collection! From candles, soaps and festive placemats to decorations like miniature trees and ornaments, here are a few of the items we’re offering this holiday season to spruce up your home:

Top off your Christmas tablescape with a tree candle. $16 each

How to get invited back next year? Bring the party host a box of sinfully good Farmstead Goat Milk caramels. $22

These whimsical paper placemats will keep sprits bright. Each pad has 30 sheets. If you buy more than one, we might ask you where our invites are. $29

Imagine all the hot chocolate that will be enjoyed on these trays! $48 each

Chocolate chip biscuits live inside these cute little tin houses, which make a great hostess gift or decoration for your home. $16/each

Paper snowflake trees: $15 each


Oyster Christmas trees: $18/each

Wooden Christmas trees: $46 small, $65 large

Thymes nailed the evergreen scent with their frasier fir soaps ($22) and candles ($32). These make marvelous hostess gifts, or sprinkle a few around your home for an unmistakable smell of Christmas.

Is it someone’s first Christmas? Dress that little one up in this festive crawler for tots aged up to 6 months. $21

Phone booth matches ($9-12), and miniature wreaths ready to be tied on cabinet doors, chair backs, windows, and any other corner of your home that needs more holiday cheer. $16

Back by popular demand: Natalie Silich ornaments! $26+/each
Last but not least, adorable grain sack pillows with festive phrases and jingle bells. $22+/each

This is just a small sample of what we have for the holiday season. Come in soon to see what else we have to deck your halls with!

Blue & White Ceramics and Ginger Jars

Elegant and classic pieces, ceramic and ginger jars date back to the dynasties of China. Ginger jars first came about during the Qin Dynasty of about 200 BC, when traders would fill gorgeous colorful Chinese jars with sought-after ginger spices and haul them together back to the west. Those within the Qin Dynasty used the jars to store wine and spices. The first jars came in a rainbow of colors of patterns, and the blue and white pattern would emerge  during the Yuan Dynasty of 1271–1368AD. Historically, blue and white jars symbolized happiness within the Yuan Dynasty, which also marked a period of a cultural renaissance in China. In addition to gorgeous blue and white ceramics, the also developed drama, novel writing, scientific education, new crops, and new ideas.

Yuan Dynasty Blue and White Wine Jar, image from British Museum; Plate image from the Met Museum

Yuan Dynasty Blue and White Wine Jar, image from British Museum; Plate image from the Met Museum

Now, 800 years later, these jars are timeless pieces of décor that will never go out of style.


These porcelain pieces have characteristics beyond just the color. Pieces with blue floral designs never fade and are healthy for the body (and the mind)! Some pieces with Chinese symbols on them are representative of prosperity and happiness, which goes beyond the beauty they behold. Find the motif on some of our lamps, too.

Sample of some of the blue and white pieces available at The Kellogg Collection.

Sample of some of the blue and white pieces available at The Kellogg Collection.

...and a few more!

13443253_1106319142759065_5386291279854974258_oAll of our blue and whites are versatile pieces. On side tables in bedrooms, in bookcases as decor, and on dining tables for added attraction, one can’t go wrong with a classic and everlasting ginger jar.


Room by Debbie Blair, The Kellogg Collection

Room by Debbie Blair, The Kellogg Collection

Use it as a vase! Try filling your jar with hydrangeas, forsythia branches, peonies, or tree limbs for a beautiful added bit of the outdoors.

kelloggcollectionAs far as using these to store wine? Well, we’ll leave that tradition to the ancients!

Antique Mirrors From France Have Arrived At The Kellogg Collection

Let’s take a moment to “reflect” on a new, limited line of items at The Kellogg Collection: Two dozen antique mirrors from France are here! These beautiful mirrors are Louis Philippe period mirrors. That’s period, not style – all are from the 1870 to 1890 timeframe, and the look of these large, statement mirrors is a look unique to France. No two mirrors are exactly alike, and each one has its own look and personality.
We’ve captured the details – carvings, painted details, and antique glass – for you to browse in the photos below. Note that these are all gold leaf, applied in a multi-part finishing process known as water gilded. The “silver” mirrors are actually white gold.
You’ll notice one of the examples below has a little red coming through, which our source hypothesized was likely due to an over active housekeeper wiping the 24KT leaf, which over time comes off and exposes the under color. This red is a look some people love (though there are also some that don’t like this look!).
Our source travels often to Europe in search of beautiful and unique furniture, home accessories, and antiques. These mirrors were bought primarily in and around Avignon and Montpellier. We are so excited that we snatched up these truly limited edition pieces, and now one (or more!) of these mirrors can be yours. Please call or email our Washington, D.C. shop for more information.
IMG_3003 IMG_3006IMG_2997 IMG_3000IMG_2995 photo 3 (11) photo 1 (18)

New at The Kellogg Collection: Kew Pottery

There is a new line of pottery available at The Kellogg Collection that will make Anglophiles happy: hand-crafted Kew pots from London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew!

photo 4 (8)

Kew is not only one of the most beautiful gardens on earth, but it also boasts the world’s largest collection of living plants. Kew gardens have seen influences from British kings, queens, prices, princesses, dukes, lords and more since King Edward I built a manor house near its location in 1299. It was first adopted as a national botanical garden in 1840, though it was “formally started” in 1759.

From Kew's Facebook: The Order Beds and rose archway

From Kew’s Facebook: The Order Beds and rose archway

From Kew's facebook: The laburnum arch

From Kew’s facebook: The laburnum arch

Today, the 300 acres are home to 30,000 different plants – as well as several stunningly beautiful palaces, glass structures, and ornamental buildings.

From Kew Facebook: Palm House and Parterre, built 1844-8

From Kew’s Facebook: Palm House and Parterre, built 1844-1848

From Kew's Facebook: The Temperate House, built 1863

From Kew’s Facebook: The Temperate House, built 1863

From Kew's Facebook: "London's oldest and finest bluebell woods can be found in the Conservation Area, in the grounds around Queen Charlotte's Cottage, at Kew."

From Kew’s Facebook: “London’s oldest and finest bluebell woods can be found in the Conservation Area, in the grounds around Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, at Kew.”

From Kew's Facebook: Kew Palace. Built by a Dutch merchant in around 1631, it was later purchased by King George III.

From Kew’s Facebook: Kew Palace. Built by a Dutch merchant in around 1631, it was later purchased by King George III.

Now, you can have a pot from this beautiful and historic spot in your own garden! The Kellogg Collection works with the gardens’ exclusive American wholesaler.
“It is our wish to inspire you with elegant, hand-thrown pottery from the most prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in England, where shape, texture, color and beauty mold into one form.
“Each piece has a distinctive patina which represents hand-thrown bespoke craftsmanship with clean lines and classic proportions suitable for many uses whether in your home or on the terrace.”
Each pot is adorned with an official Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew seal:


photo 5 (5) photo 3 (10)

bc-3967-kew-benner-bowl-2 photo 2 (16) photo 1 (17)

bc-3028-kew-distressed-two-handle-pot-3 photo 4 (7) photo 5 (4)


photo 1 (16)photo 2 (15)photo 3 (9)Once you take your new Kew pots home, fill them with lifelike botanicals, fruit, ornaments, or with living plants. Before you know it, you just might be on your way to having a garden that will rival Kew’s!
Note that the pottery is not frost-resistant and will need to be brought inside during colder months.
Product images (c) The Kellogg Collection and distributor

New Photography Wall Art at The Kellogg Collection

It is always fun going to the High Point market and shopping for new items that we think you all will love. Perhaps our most exciting find at this past April market was a treasure trove of dramatic and beautiful photography. We are so happy to share with you that these 40 new pieces of wall art are already here and available for purchase at The Kellogg Collection.
London art curator Martin Trowbridge, the same force behind the magazine Bridge to Design, featured several of these pieces in his book, Decorating with Photographs:

Decorating with Photographs

Click to read on Issuu

These stunning pieces of art come in a variety of sizes, including many large statement pieces and series shots. No matter what size you fall in love with, these are sure to add a very calming, serene and sophisticated feel to a room. Does that big wall above your sofa need artwork? These framed photographs are just the thing to take your room up a notch.
The photographs featured below are a selection of what we have currently in stock. If there is another statement photograph you see in Decorating with Photographs that you would like to have in your home, please get in touch with the store nearest you and one of our talented sales associates will do their best to order it for you.


















In addition to these framed photographs and the art listed here on our website, we have many other pieces of wall art that will look great in a variety of room styles. Come in to our DC, McLean, Richmond or Baltimore location soon to see what else we have that will add that je ne sais quoi to your home.

Great Gifts At The Kellogg Collection

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, Father’s Day around the corner and graduation season in full swing, you may be searching high and low for unique gifts when all you need to do is come in to The Kellogg Collection to find what you’re looking for.
For Mother’s Day, we know moms love our whimsical quote dishes, Holly Stuart coasters, botanicals, entertaining glassware, pots, and other fun pieces:
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection
Holly StuartGifts at The Kellogg Collection
For dad, we have lots of elegant and masculine bookends, boxes and figurines:
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection
Commemorate a race he won, or that big fish he caught, by framing a photo for him:
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection
Give a pair of westie or elephant bookends to a recent graduate – assuming they haven’t sold all their books back to the university bookstore:
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection



Another great gift for a grad is a decorating book. Not only will they inspire pretty home décor, but these books also make pretty pieces of décor on their own:
Gifts at The Kellogg Collection

Gifts Kellogg Collection
Don’t forget: We do offer gift wrap. Simply tell a member of our sales team and they’ll be happy to provide you with details.
We have thousands of other gifts and items for that mom, dad, grad or hostess on your gift list. If you’re still stumped for a gift idea, you can also give a gift certificate to The Kellogg Collection.
All images (c) The Kellogg Collection

Holly Stuart Coasters and Placemats at The Kellogg Collection


Holly Stuart Designs at @kelloggfurn

In 2010, Holly Stuart decided that dressing the table was as much fun as planning the meal and began crafting beautiful hardboard placemats by hand in Illinois. From the beginning, her pieces played with popular block print patterns like Greek Key, ikat and dots in bright colors. Word got out about her beautiful and functional table dressings so her business expanded to coasters, trays and more to fulfill the increasing demand.

Holly Stuart Designs at @kelloggfurn

Holly Stuart Designs at @kelloggfurn

Today, Holly Stuart Home’s line of happy table dressings are handcrafted in the United States. Each piece is backed in black, trimmed in gold or platinum, and protected with three coats of low matte clear polyurethane. Her pieces are easy to care for; should they get dirty, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Her designs are also regularly featured in Oprah’s O Magazine.

Holly Stuart Designs at @kelloggfurn

Holly Stuart

Want to get a set of Holly Stuart coasters or placemats for your home? The Kellogg Collection carries many of her designs, or we can arrange to order a style for you. These bright and happy pieces are sure to be a hit at dinner and cocktail parties this spring and summer.

Images (c) Holly Stuart and The Kellogg Collection

Brighten Up Your January With Our Lighting Sale

January is the darkest and coldest month of the year, so The Kellogg Collection is hosting its annual lighting sale to brighten things up a bit. All four locations are offering 20 percent off all in-stock and special order lighting.

Kellogg lighting

Trellis lighting

Our lighting sale includes all of our table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers and lanterns. If it needs a light bulb, it’s on sale!

quatrefoil floor lamp

Lighting KelloggThe Kellogg Collection has many unique and one-of-a-kind lamps that are custom made for us.  We buy vases from all over the world, have them electrified and made into lamps to give our customers gorgeous lighting that you won’t see in every catalog and chain store. Looking for just a new lamp shade?  Bring your own lamp in and we will help you outfit it with a fabulous new shade.  Did you know that In addition to our gorgeous lamps, we also have a variety of hand sewn silk shades and Italian paper shades that can be sold separately?

blue lamp

Kellogg Collection lamps

Is there is a certain style, size or color of lamp you have your heart set on? Work with one of our talented associates to find out if we can order your dream piece of lighting from one of our wonderful vendors.

lighting Kellogg Collection Sale

Be sure to come in before our sale ends January 26, 2015!


Bookcases – They’re Not Just For Books

house beautiful-bookcase french chairs

Who doesn’t love a bookcase loaded up with wonderful old leather-bound books? Many homes, new and old, have built-in bookcases ready for display. Unless you are lucky enough to own lots of books to fill them up, you might need some help getting them looking styled and fabulous!


Did you know that The Kellogg Collection can assist you with in-home design and accessorizing on large or small projects? We have thousands of items in-stock and ready for immediate delivery. Bring by photos of your project or stop in and talk to us about our in-home consultations.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.40.52 PM

Architectural fragments, ceramic accessories, framed photos and baskets can help fill up the space in addition to pretty books. Not every shelf has to line up with each other; try staggering the shelves to create visual interest.
Framed artwork may be hung on the face of the bookcases to give a layered effect. Try painting the back of the bookcase with a complementary paint color to dramatically set off what is being displayed or paint the entire fixture itself. The contrast of the brass wall sconces against the blue bookcases are a handsome feature, not mention the additional lighting that they bring to the space:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.40.38 PM
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.40.26 PM

Collections massed together in groups always makes a well styled shelf. Integrate stacks of books into your collection to create varying heights in the display. Assemble memorabilia from different parts of the world as mementos of where you have traveled.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.39.44 PM
pinterest gothic bookcase

Color is a another way to add continuity to bookcase displays. Group things by similar colors, materials and tones to create visually appealing shelves. Don’t forget – the spines of books add color, too:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.39.13 PM

No detail is too small. Some of the best displays are groups of un-like objects. Your display could simply be a grouping of some of your favorite things. Tortoise boxes, sea coral and Chinese blue and white porcelain are artfully arranged to perfection in this bookcase:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.39.04 PMShown below are several “before” photos from a historic row house project that included a large built-in unit. The homeowner had an extensive collection of sheet music and some wonderful family treasures that they wanted to include.

20130906_124131-resized-600 20130906_1241271-resized-600
And after:

What a difference a few hours can make. The Kellogg Collection team transformed this client’s home by organizing what the customer already owned and by adding some carefully selected items from the shop.
No matter what your decorative needs are – whether you need new things to enhance your shelves, or a total home makeover – come in to one of The Kellogg Collection’s four stores for advice from our talented staff.
Images via House Beautiful and Pinterest

It’s ‘Hurricane’ Season!

Not only does June bring warmer weather and the early days of summer, but it also marks the beginning of hurricane season. While I am referring to the weather, it is also most definitely time for hurricane lamp season. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, adding that extra touch you need for your table at a garden party, there are many different shapes and styles of hurricane lamps and lanterns.

Hurricane Home Decor

Typically, a hurricane lamp contains a tall, cylindrical barrel-shaped glass, which is sometimes topped with a dome. This shape served the original purpose of blocking high winds so the flame inside would not go out. In current times, however, these lamps serve to be more decorative than functional.

Hurricane Home Decor

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

Shown above are a variety of styles of hurricane lamps available through the Kellogg Collection. These lamps can stand alone, or as a pair or even as a collection.

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

A great feature in adding these decorative gems to your home is that they look spectacular displayed both in and outdoors. Place hurricanes on a fireplace mantle, an end table, a coffee table, or as a centerpiece on your dining room table. The options are endless!

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

Not all hurricanes are built alike; some are made from wood. Some designs are inspired by the arts and crafts movement, while others have Asian pagoda flair.

Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor Hurricane Home Decor

Be sure to stop in The Kellogg Collection, pick up your favorite styles, and get yourself ready for a great entertaining season! Don’t forget your batteries and emergency supplies for those other hurricanes!
By Ali Glass

Kellogg’s Occasional Tables For Any Occasion


Inlay Compass Rose Table: $849

Inlay Compass Rose Table: $849

Occasional tables are those tables you add as a final touch to a room. They’re often on the small side – smaller than an end table or a nightstand – and have special elements that make it stand out without overpowering a room. These accents not only add a polished touch to a room, but can add functionality as well. Some are specifically used to hold magazines, and some are made to hold a cocktail or two. Whatever your occasion, The Kellogg Collection has several occasional tables that will fit what you’re looking for.




Here are three tables that are very different from each other, and you can see how each one would add its own dramatic flair to a room. The table on the left is our cherry martini table, which has a drawer, a nook at the bottom to hold magazines and books, and of course, a surface on top to hold a martini! The middle table is the cherry gothic tambour table. It has a heavier look and feel to it, but it has a simple silhouette, which makes it a lovely addition to a room that might already have busy patterns and textures. On the right, you’ll see the cigar occasional table. This table has a antiqued mirror top and has a delicate-looking silhouette which can brighten any room. Or, buy two and place them on either side of a loveseat.


This is just a small sampling of the occasional tables you’ll find at Kellogg’s four locations (we’re in DC, McLean, Richmond and Baltimore). Browse a selection of our occasional tables online, or come in one of our stores to find that “je ne sais quoi” that’s missing from your room!

Local Profile: Barry Remley, Owner of Salvations Architectural Furnishings


Barry Remley, owner and designer of the Maryland-based company Salvations Architectural Furnishings, is an extremely talented woman whose company has been in business for over 25 years. She creates very sleek, simple and classic looking furniture, and many pieces are made out of recycled and salvaged materials. She has given me the pleasure of learning about some of her inspirations, motivations and interesting projects.


Remley started her business in 1985 when her husband was seeking furniture for his office that didn’t look like typical office furniture. Inspired by her findings at friend Donetta George’s shop The Brass Knob, Remley and former business partner Jo Coveny set out on their project to design furniture for the office. From there, the two decided to start a business together.


The company got its name, “Salvations,” from the concept of giving new life to found pieces that were no longer able to serve their original functions. Remley said of this, “It was a time when antique architecturals were not as valued as they are today. We loved the historic interest and beautiful craftsmanship found in the old antique grates and random pieces we found, and wanted to make furniture out of them.” One of the company’s very first coffee tables was made from an old grille found in an alley behind Remley’s DC home!


For over ten years, the company was run out of a basement studio in Remley’s house. After about a year into the business, Remley’s partner, Jo Coveny, left to be a designer at The Kellogg Collection. Upon Coveny’s departure, Remley took steps to learn the process of design, including taking drawing classes at Mount Vernon College. From early on, everything she did for her company was by trial and error. In the beginning it was about putting one foot in front of the other and staying in business until the next coffee table was finished.


Eventually running a growing business out of her house became too much, and just when she was ready to move into a larger space the right one came along. Taking this step has helped her grow the company – and thanks to a combination of luck and hard work, she has been in business for almost 30 years. And now with her son working with her, she is hoping to be in business for many, many more.





Remley, having grown up in a family of creative people, has found inspiration all around her. From nature to travel and architecture, she seeks inspiration in all forms. A lover of rocks and stones, she says that many of the paint finishes in her designs have been inspired by color in rocks that she has collected and brought home from different parts of the world.


mosaic rug



Antiques – namely, antique furnishings – are also an inspiration in her work. Remley has always appreciated the simplicity of clean lines, wanting her designs to “feel rooted in the past” and “timeless.”  Her designs are just that. What makes her product so special is that her designs look beautiful in a wide spectrum of interiors, from the very traditional to the contemporary. In working with the same blacksmiths for most of her years in business, Remley claims that the team spirit and shared love of what they do shows in every piece they produce.


One of Remley’s favorite accomplishments is that Salvations tables and accessories are featured in American embassy residences in over 70 worldwide locations. In fact, some of her table names, such as Budapest, Lima and Nepal, were chosen because they were designed for the American embassies in those locations.





One of the greatest parts of Remley’s line is that every piece is made locally. She finds that many of her buyers are interested in supporting local artisans; in that, it is much easier to customize tables as opposed to manufacturing her products overseas.


Remley has had a hand in every step of the production process. She works day and night and there is no doubt that she is talented at what she does: “I think in some way I sort of followed an unconscious path for a while. I was having fun and still am. I absolutely love what I do; I love the creative process, I love talking to the clients. I am grateful to work with so many creative designers. And loving what I do every day keeps me going.”


green ad




For over 25 years, The Kellogg Collection has maintained a fabulous working relationship with Barry Remley and the staff at Salvations.  The Kellogg Collection is the only retailer that stocks many of her coffee tables that are ready for immediate delivery. Stop in to one of our four locations today and let us help you pick out the perfect Salvations table for you!

Form Meets Function with Case Goods


Having spent the past week with a personal organizer who helped wittle down the ever-accumulating amount of wares a house aqcuires, the need for storage in our lives remains of the utmost importances. You should never have to sacrafice design or a pleasing aesthetic sensibility, when it comes to adding function to the home. In comes the case for case goods (pun inteneded!). Above, a stunning example of appointing a gorgeous chest, the work of the iconic Frank Randolph.


Case goods are pieces of furniture that are essentially built like a box, such as cabinets, a chest of drawers or a breakfront. These pieces are generally meant for storage, and so their construction often incorporates drawers, doors and shelves. In recent years, the category has extended itself somewhat to occasional tables that you might put in a hallway or foyer. The point is, in the home, having a surface to place things either for display or function, is often overlooked but most imporantant.

Above, an example of form meeting function is aptly exemplified in the image from Ann West Interior’s living room: on the surface, two lamps and an array of perfecly placed object d’art. Underneath, she stores her china, wares and serving platters.


We’re always a bit partial to the Swedish, Scandinavian look. It’s clean, light and airy, sure to brighten the heaviness of any room.


Let There Be Light



One of the things most overlooked when it comes to the well appointed space is lighting. Often times, the focus on placing furniture in the right place, the flow of the room or hanging pictures correctly, dominates the conversation. And yes, placing furniture and accessories cohesively is an accomplishment.
The best way to highlight this accomplishment is with the correct lighting for both atmosphere and function. For all your efforts, nothing will sabotage your hard work faster than a lighting program that hasn’t been well planned!


On Lamplight

Technically, there are different lamp lighting: task lighting and overall lighting. The former assists us in accomplishing specific tasks that require congtrolled illumination like reading or writing, cooking, etc. The latter, overall lighting, is the absolute opposite. It’s all about creating atmosphere and adding visual weight to a tablescape. There’s tremendous opportunity for decorative touch, in the base you choose.
“For many of us, the most agreeable way to light a room is with table lamps,” Mark Hampton


Above are some examples of using one lamp to create a dramatic statement and illuminate a scene in a room.


Of course, there is nothing more striking than a pair of significant lamps greeting a visitor in an entry way of someone’s home. Mark Hampton famously said in his book On Decoration:

“It seems to me that the act of leaving a lamp lighted on the hall tabe for those who have not yet returned for the night is rather like the ancients leaving lamps on the altars of their favoritie deities. It is a warm, loving gesture and a welcoming sight to the one who is returning. Somehow, leaving a recessed ceiling ligh on doesn’t quite evoke the same cozy feeling.”

The Kellogg Collection’s Ten Favorite Cocktail Tables…


Cocktail tables are an easy way to update the look of any room that is asking for a lift. Adding a table with a contemporary twist can breathe life into any tired living space. From glass to mirrored tops, wood to painted finishes, The Kellogg Collection has a wide selection at any price point, low to high, and any size, small to large.

Henzler Cocktail Table


38W 28D 19H



Ella Round Cocktail Table


40W 40D 18H



Parisian Cocktail Table


48W 24D 21H



Weathered Medallion Cocktail Table

msm cocktail table

 47W 23.5D 20H



Somrig Cocktail Table


48W 30D 19H



Umber Finish Two-Tier Cocktail Table


42W 24D 18H



Rectangular Two-Tier Cocktail Table  494027-1-362x344

50W 32D 21H



Mirrored Cocktail Table in Antique Black with Gold Accent


48W 30D 18H



Jonathan Cocktail Table with Dark Shell Top


44W 24D 18H



Bagatel Cocktail Table


48.75W 25D 20.25H



Kellogg Oval Cocktail Table


42W 28W 18H


Home Accessories – Don’t Forget the Hostess Gift


Summer is here!  If you are visiting friends or family, don’t forget a hostess gift. It’s a wonderful way to thank your hosts for their hospitality.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive.


There are so many useful and creative gifts.  If you pick the gift with your hosts in mind, the gift is sure to be a success.


According to Ann Post of Emily, “Gift possibilities include wine, Champagne, flowers (preferably in a vase), a potted plant, chocolates, specialty food items such as jams and jellies or other condiments, fancy nuts, olives, olive oil or vinegars, or items for the house, such as cocktail napkins, guest soaps and lotions, a picture frame, or a scented candle. A CD or book is also appropriate if you know your host’s taste.”

How about a tray or candle?  I love these colors.


Salad Servers or a rattan tray will make any hostess smile.


 Pillows like these are the perfect gift for a beach house hostess.


Share a picture taken with your host during your stay.


If you bring a bottle of wine why not add a coaster or napkin holder? That way the hostess can enjoy your gift long after the last drop of wine.

IMG_0591 IMG_0561

Coasters, placemats and soaps are always welcome gifts (and useful).


You can present the gift at anytime during your stay.  If you prefer you can send something when you get home.


We have tons of great gifts. If you would like some ideas, stop by The Kellogg Collection. We are happy to help.


Chandeliers…Where do I start?

From time-honored crystal candlestick chandeliers to contemporary fixtures made from glass and steel, the chandelier has never been limited to one specific style, shape, or size. Traditionally, most people associate chandeliers with dining rooms; today, chandeliers are placed in any room where there is a need for an additional source of soft, elegant lighting. Because of their popularity, we regularly have customers ask the following questions as they begin their search for an appropriate chandelier.


The Margarite chandelier in aged iron

1) How high should a chandelier hang above the dining table?


We suggest staying within a small range of heights varying from 30″ to 34″ above the table, although there will probably be some fine tuning involved specific to each installation. Typically, chandeliers come with extra links which enable the hanging height to be adjusted according to what is most pleasing to the eye. Something to consider for ceilings above eight feet high–you will want to raise the hanging height by 3″ per each additional foot of ceiling height.


2) What size chandelier should I be looking for?


The size of your chandelier is almost directly related to the size of another piece–your dining room table. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the width of the fixture should be one-third to one-half the width of your dining room table. Always keep in mind the height of the chandelier in relation to ceiling height. A 36″ high chandelier would not be ideal for a room with nine foot ceilings.


3) Do the same set of rules apply to hanging a chandelier in a foyer?


Not necessarily. Some guidelines to follow in the foyer, and in any area that will not be anchored by a table, is that the fixture should be suspended at least seven feet about the finished floor to safeguard against clearance issues. Not sure about the diameter? Try taking the width of the intended room and adding that dimension to the length. For example, a foyer measuring 10′ wide by 12′ long could use a 22″ wide chandelier hung seven feet above the floor.

The Anna lantern in dirty gold

The Anna lantern in dirty gold

Chandeliers are no longer confined to the dining room. They can provide an alternative source of light over a seating area in the living room…

The Marigot chandelier in old brass with brown bead trim

The Marigot chandelier in old brass with brown bead trim

An elegant addition to a powder room…


The aqua droplet chandelier

Add softness to the master bedroom…

The bead and tassel chandelier in old white

The bead and tassel chandelier in old white

Or provide a break from the traditional in a library…

The Axel orb chandelier in chestnut

The Axel orb chandelier in chestnut

Of course many of these guiding principles are just suggestions to aid in your decorating journey. There are always exceptions to the rule as each home has its own individual character; given their time to shine, chandeliers will always provide a unique statement in any living space. Please stop by any of our stores where we not only can provide you with additional advice, but also an assortment of in-stock and special order chandeliers.

Accessories – Tray Chic!


An assortment of seasonal gift trays

An assortment of seasonal gift trays

Often, customers inquire about our selection of trays in various shapes and sizes. It’s an accessory that I think is frequently overlooked but one that can serve many different functions.  It can be given as an unexpected housewarming gift, used as your all-purpose serving tray, or placed on a coffee table to unite a group of small, related items.

The mirrored geometric tray...reminiscent of a classic Greek key design

The mirrored geometric tray…reminiscent of a classic Greek key design

Our mango wood tray...perfect for an ottoman

Our mango wood tray…perfect for an ottoman

The cinchwaist round tray with gold accents

The cinchwaist round tray with gold accents

A mutli-toned bone design for a modern twist

A mutli-toned bone design for a modern twist

A small grouping of accessories on a coffee table

A small grouping of accessories on a coffee table

Recently, we’ve brought in some interesting tables that include tray tops as the key feature of their design. This butler tray in a tortoise bamboo finish would make excellent serving table for cool refreshments at a beach house, while the painted option might be better suited for a more feminine bedroom. This black painted console with a removable tray top (shown below, also available in a coffee table) is a unique addition to a living room or dining room and can be dressed up or down depending on the furniture it is paired with.

A butler's tray ideal for the beach

A butler’s tray ideal for the beach

A painted accent piece for a softer bedroom look

A painted accent piece for a softer bedroom look

A black painted console is a unique addition to a living room

A black painted console is a unique addition to a living room

Finally, people often look to create some sort of bar area within the home; however, they may not have the space or they may not want to make the investment required to build a bar.  If this is you, a bar cart may be your answer because it provides a flexible solution to a problem area.  For example, when not in use, store the bar cart against a wall in your dining room. Once you are entertaining guests, the caster wheels allow easy transport to any room in the house. Accessorize with antique crystal decanters, multi-colored bottles, some fun cocktail glasses and a vase of flowers to add a hint of softness.

Our mirror and glass bar cart with gold accents

Our mirror and glass bar cart with gold accents

As the summer months quickly approach, more and more people journey outside the home to visit friends and relatives, attend a housewarming party, or host a holiday gathering. Why not gift a tray? It is unexpected, multi-functional, classic–an item nobody ever knows they need.