Beige, white and gray pillows on a white sofa. Room by Diane Litz.

Don’t Be Afraid of Light-Colored Fabrics in Your Home!



  We’re here to turn a bit of “common knowledge” on its head. Anyone who has pets or children tends to avoid light fabrics on their upholstery out of fear of inevitable spills and messes. Stop envying your polished friends with their perfectly white and beige sofas and chairs, and start introducing those shades back […]

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas at The Kellogg Collection



    December is here, which means that little voice inside your head telling you to get decorated for the holidays is growing louder and louder. If you’re looking for new things to add to your festive decor, look no further than your nearest Kellogg Collection shop!   Vintage-style pillows, $312 each   These festive […]

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Pretty zebra print bench/ottoman seen in our DC shop

Going Wild for Animal Prints



For millions of years, humans have relied on animals to stay fed and warm. After some time, not any animal pellet would do, and the skins of the most dangerous and exotic animals quickly became prized material for the world’s most powerful people. Our priorities have shifted today as it’s extremely illegal to sell leopard […]

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Blue & White Ceramics and Ginger Jars



Elegant and classic pieces, ceramic and ginger jars date back to the dynasties of China. Ginger jars first came about during the Qin Dynasty of about 200 BC, when traders would fill gorgeous colorful Chinese jars with sought-after ginger spices and haul them together back to the west. Those within the Qin Dynasty used the […]

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Quilting Angels

Recycling Fabric For a Good Cause



Since The Kellogg Collection first opened its doors over 30 years ago, we’ve collected thousands of discontinued fabric swatches, remnants, scraps and more. What to do with these pieces of fabric? We were very happy to meet Kathy Thorne, who leads Quilting Angels, a group of about 40 talented volunteer quilters who sew quilts for […]

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Kellogg Custom Window Treatments



Custom draperies, blinds, shades and shutters not only help frame a beautiful room, but they’re functional in that they help with light control and can insulate rooms against heat and cold. The right shades in a bedroom can help one sleep more soundly, children can safely and easily open and close their shades if the […]

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Tufted Ottoman

Upholstery: It’s All In The Details!



  A little while ago, we wrote about upholstery and fabrics at The Kellogg Collection. This post will go a little more in-depth with extra special details that will make your piece of upholstery truly unique, whether it’s with nailhead trim, a banded skirt, or the coveted “four way match” fabric application.   Nailhead trim […]

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Kellogg Collection Artificial Faux Botanicals

The Benefits of Beautiful Botanicals



The first day of spring isn’t until March 20, and it’s going to be pretty chilly until then. You can’t rush mother nature to bring beautiful florals and greenery into your home, so what can you do?   Here’s our secret: For flowers that look beautiful year-round, cheat a little with our faux botanicals! Buy […]

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Grey crackle ball vase with acrylic base. Were $450 each, now only $360 each during sale. Italian parchment shade sold separately.

January Lighting Specials at The Kellogg Collection



  January is the darkest month of the year, so let there be light and get new lighting for your home from The Kellogg Collection! We’re hosting a lamp sale through January 30, and today we are highlighting some of the specials you can look forward to.   First, we must highlight our unique vase and jar […]

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Kellogg Holiday

Deck The Halls With The Kellogg Collection!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year at The Kellogg Collection! For the next few weeks, our shops look completely different with all of our holiday gifts and home décor. What do we have that’s new to help you make the season merry and bright? For starters, we have… …new ornaments! From feathered and […]

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Debbie, Lesley, Baltimore manager Ashley, Diane, and Kathy.

The Kellogg Collection’s Baltimore Shop Celebrates 30 Years!



  It’s been 30 years since our founder, Pam Kellogg Green, signed the lease on the Baltimore location of The Kellogg Collection. It was the second store the Baltimore native opened following the success of her original Washington, D.C. store. “Opening a Baltimore store made sense for a lot of reasons,” said Green. “It’s easy […]

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Custom Design Services – Meet Our Designers!



  Sometimes it takes more than buying furniture and home accessories from our shops to achieve “the Kellogg look” in your home, and that’s when our very talented design professionals step in with our custom design services – which is the best deal in town at just $250/room! This service offers the opportunity to have a […]

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Antique Mirrors From France Have Arrived At The Kellogg Collection



    Let’s take a moment to “reflect” on a new, limited line of items at The Kellogg Collection: Two dozen antique mirrors from France are here! These beautiful mirrors are Louis Philippe period mirrors. That’s period, not style – all are from the 1870 to 1890 timeframe, and the look of these large, statement mirrors […]

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New at The Kellogg Collection: Kew Pottery



There is a new line of pottery available at The Kellogg Collection that will make Anglophiles happy: hand-crafted Kew pots from London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew! Kew is not only one of the most beautiful gardens on earth, but it also boasts the world’s largest collection of living plants. Kew gardens have seen influences from […]

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Quatrefoil Mirror

The Classic Quatrefoil Motif at The Kellogg Collection



The quatrefoil motif is one that appears on several pieces at The Kellogg Collection. Perhaps you think it is a lovely symbol, and perhaps you wondered if there was any symbolism or history behind it. It turns out there is quite a bit. First of all, there isn’t a right way to do a quatrefoil. This symbol […]

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fabric DC Maryland Virginia

Fabulous Fabrics at The Kellogg Collection



You’ve been coming into The Kellogg Collection and telling us about all of the fabric stores in DC, Maryland, and Virginia closing up or scaling back their offerings. We’re here to tell you that the opposite is happening at our stores – we are actually offering more fabrics than ever before which you can use for […]

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New Photography Wall Art at The Kellogg Collection



  It is always fun going to the High Point market and shopping for new items that we think you all will love. Perhaps our most exciting find at this past April market was a treasure trove of dramatic and beautiful photography. We are so happy to share with you that these 40 new pieces of […]

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Great Gifts At The Kellogg Collection



With Mother’s Day on Sunday, Father’s Day around the corner and graduation season in full swing, you may be searching high and low for unique gifts when all you need to do is come in to The Kellogg Collection to find what you’re looking for.   For Mother’s Day, we know moms love our whimsical quote […]

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White House Kellogg Collection home decor

Spotted on House of Cards Season 3: The Kellogg Collection!



  Perhaps you agree with us: House of Cards season three was a wild one with the Underwoods in the White House. Our eyes were on the home and office décor. Though it was exciting spotting our pieces in the sets on previous seasons, there was something particularly special about spotting some of our pieces in the fictional executive […]

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Holly Stuart Designs at @kelloggfurn

Holly Stuart Coasters and Placemats at The Kellogg Collection



    In 2010, Holly Stuart decided that dressing the table was as much fun as planning the meal and began crafting beautiful hardboard placemats by hand in Illinois. From the beginning, her pieces played with popular block print patterns like Greek Key, ikat and dots in bright colors. Word got out about her beautiful […]

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Shades of Gray at The Kellogg Collection



All puns about a certain book-to-movie aside, gray’s many shades make it a wonderful “color” to decorate a home. It’s a neutral shade, which means it goes well with any other colors going on in a room. It’s also a contemporary color trending now in the design world.       Gray can make a strong […]

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Trellis lighting

Brighten Up Your January With Our Lighting Sale



January is the darkest and coldest month of the year, so The Kellogg Collection is hosting its annual lighting sale to brighten things up a bit. All four locations are offering 20 percent off all in-stock and special order lighting. Our lighting sale includes all of our table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers and […]

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Holidays at The Kellogg Collection: Gifts, Décor and More



  ‘Tis the season to swap pumpkins for evergreens, and wall art with wreaths. There’s nothing quite like taking that box of ornaments out and reliving each of those memories, and then throwing a few red and green pillows on a bed or a sofa. At The Kellogg Collection, we also love this time of year, and […]

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Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.23.43 AM

Decorating with the Greek Key pattern



By Ali Glass   The Greek Key is most commonly used as a decorative border. Its appearance in architecture and landscape dates back to ancient history. The design itself is constructed of various lines shaped into a repeated motif, which resembles a key. The design is also commonly referred to as a “meander” which is […]

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Kellogg wood furniture

November Wood Furniture and Rug Sale at The Kellogg Collection



From November 7th through 29th, 2014, The Kellogg Collection is hosting a Fall Sale on wood furniture and rugs. Come in during this period to receive 20 to 30 percent off all wood furniture and rugs at our four shops, and 50 percent off on all needlepoint rugs in our Washington, DC location. So what all […]

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A bold gray and white armchair with a hot pink and white pillow. Look decorated by Diane Litz.

Upholstery and Fabric at The Kellogg Collection



A comfy sofa and a beautifully upholstered ottoman – what more does one need to relax comfortably in a home? Upholstery is furniture that is padded and covered with fabric. With unlimited fabric combinations, it’s a very easy to customize a piece for your home, and we have a few pointers to provide in the decision making […]

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Fall 2014 home decorating

How To Bring Warm Autumn Colors Into Your Home



  Today is the first official day of fall, and the chill up and down the East Coast confirms it. It’s about that time to swap swimsuits for leather boots, and lemonade for pumpkin spice coffees. It’s also time to think about phasing out the whites and brights in your home for warmer tones like […]

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Kellogg Collection

There’s No ‘Right’ Way To Decorate With Pillows



What’s one way to redecorate a living room without throwing out the sofa? Add some new home accessories – specifically, pillows! We talked to Polly McKenna, the manager and in-house interior designer at our Richmond location, about how the right pillows can change the look of a room.   “The truth is, there is no […]

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New at The Kellogg Collection

What’s New at The Kellogg Collection: August 2014



With summer wrapping up, a clearance sale behind us, and new merchandise from the markets beginning to come in, we’ve got a lot of new items at The Kellogg Collection.

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In Frank's office: brass buffet lamp

Spotted on House of Cards: The Kellogg Collection!



      If you love the style of Claire and Frank Underwood’s home in House of Cards, you may want to start shopping for furniture and accessories at The Kellogg Collection! As many fans of the Netflix show know, it was filmed in Baltimore, and the homes and offices on House of Cards have a very traditional […]

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