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Interior Design Made Simple: Update Your Room with One Accent Piece


You’d like to update one of the rooms in your home, but you only have the space for one purchase on your wishlist. How do you choose? Although it may seem daunting, there are ways to achieve a completely new look with buying only one new piece of furniture. This chosen piece of yours should have the ability to refine the room effortlessly, but at the same time, don’t overthink it; the smallest alteration can spark the biggest transformation! Regardless, we’re here to help with our list of 5 ways to transform your living room with one accent piece!


5 Ways to Change Your Living Room with One Accent Piece


1. Sofas, Stools, and Settees, Oh My!

A new sofa is the biggest change you could make to your living room, as it sets the room’s tone for both comfort and style. Rather than worrying about finding a couch that matches exactly with its surrounding pieces, draw your focus to what it is about a certain style that pleases you. Keep your eye open for details you like: an intricate style of carving on the leg, a type of stitch or tuft that makes your heart swell, an interesting fabric that plays the roles of being both striking and functional–or even something as simple as the unit’s size.

Photo Credit: A La Mode

Photo Credit: A La Mode

Looking to add edge to a mundane dining room? Replace some chairs with a dining bench; these benches are manufactured to be as luxurious as a posh chaise, or as rustic as a country workbench. For the living room, consider the flexibility of a couple upholstered stools or an ottoman; they not only serve as additional seating, but can also be used as a surface.

2. Lovely Lighting

Lamps and other lighting accessories can be the perfect (and budget-friendly) way to completely transform any room in your home. Floor and desk lamps provide indirect lighting that is both flattering and easily changeable. Also, with the wide spectrum of different lamp bases and shades, you can add a whole new pop of color or design nuance to a room! If you’re a person who loves the natural lighting, go for lighter-colored draperies against your windows for a sense of understated sophistication.


3. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

Well, the rumors are true; a mirror can really make the smallest room look gigantic. Try this: place a mirror in between two windows to expand the look of your room. Looking to elongate and widen your narrow hallway? A few large-sized horizontal and vertical mirrors will do the trick. Also, don’t forget about the bathroom! Hanging an oversized mirror over your bathroom sink will be an instant fix–turning the dullest space into a true vision of glamor.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

4. Plethoras of Pretty Pillows

Various pillows can add a spectrum of color and texture to a room, but be sure to keep the number between 5 and 9. By being selective with your pillow display, you won’t risk overdoing it: like all accessories, a little can go a long way. The great thing about having a rather large inventory of different pillows is that can be rearranged and recycled throughout the year.

dana-ford loveseat no tag

5. From Rugs to Riches

Following closely behind the sofa, a rug is the second most important home accessory; as a room’s foundation, a rug can make or break an entire design concept. If your living room has hardwood floors, try adding a couple bold area rugs to liven up the space. By toying with a variety of sizes and colors, you may just find that aesthetic boost the room needs.


The Kellogg Collection is here to help with all your furniture decisions. Let us help you find the perfect accent piece by requesting an in-store consultation today!

Home Accessories – Don’t Forget the Hostess Gift


Summer is here!  If you are visiting friends or family, don’t forget a hostess gift. It’s a wonderful way to thank your hosts for their hospitality.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive.


There are so many useful and creative gifts.  If you pick the gift with your hosts in mind, the gift is sure to be a success.


According to Ann Post of Emily, “Gift possibilities include wine, Champagne, flowers (preferably in a vase), a potted plant, chocolates, specialty food items such as jams and jellies or other condiments, fancy nuts, olives, olive oil or vinegars, or items for the house, such as cocktail napkins, guest soaps and lotions, a picture frame, or a scented candle. A CD or book is also appropriate if you know your host’s taste.”

How about a tray or candle?  I love these colors.


Salad Servers or a rattan tray will make any hostess smile.


 Pillows like these are the perfect gift for a beach house hostess.


Share a picture taken with your host during your stay.


If you bring a bottle of wine why not add a coaster or napkin holder? That way the hostess can enjoy your gift long after the last drop of wine.

IMG_0591 IMG_0561

Coasters, placemats and soaps are always welcome gifts (and useful).


You can present the gift at anytime during your stay.  If you prefer you can send something when you get home.


We have tons of great gifts. If you would like some ideas, stop by The Kellogg Collection. We are happy to help.


Interior Design In Action – Color Me Happy


Interior design has a powerful affect on our everyday lives.  Our built environment can affect the way we feel and function within a space.  Psychologically, color is one of the most influential aspects in interior design.  There have been studies on color psychology and how it affects the way we feel.  Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures have used color as a healing regimen, called chromotherapy. In these treatments, and other studies, the following has been said about certain colors:


Red, orange and yellow are considered warm colors.  Warm colors have stronger arousal qualities as they can increase blood pressure.



RED: can make one feel active, energetic, adventurous, stimulating, and vital. It has been said to stimulate the mind and body and increase circulation.


ORANGE: was used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels in chromotherapy. Studies have also shown orange and red can stimulate appetite.



YELLOW: used to stimulate intellect; associated with cheer, gaiety and fun. In chromotherapy it was used to purify the body and stimulate the nerves.


Researchers have established that cool colors like greens and blues can lower blood pressure and therefore enhance feelings of peace and tranquility.


GREEN: affiliated with feelings of comfort, serenity, and calm. It is also associated with nature which has been proven to lower stress levels.


BLUE: associated with calm, security, rest and peace. It was believed to soothe pain and heal illness when used for chromotherapy in ancient cultures.


NEUTRALS: whites, browns, grays and creams can bring a feeling of stability, practicality, and sophistication to a space.


Neutrals can also offer balance when paired with bolder, brighter colors:



Most people have a favorite color or at least a preference towards the warmer or cooler color spectrum.  Now knowing it affects your mood, you might have learned a little something about yourself!


Chandeliers…Where do I start?

From time-honored crystal candlestick chandeliers to contemporary fixtures made from glass and steel, the chandelier has never been limited to one specific style, shape, or size. Traditionally, most people associate chandeliers with dining rooms; today, chandeliers are placed in any room where there is a need for an additional source of soft, elegant lighting. Because of their popularity, we regularly have customers ask the following questions as they begin their search for an appropriate chandelier.


The Margarite chandelier in aged iron

1) How high should a chandelier hang above the dining table?


We suggest staying within a small range of heights varying from 30″ to 34″ above the table, although there will probably be some fine tuning involved specific to each installation. Typically, chandeliers come with extra links which enable the hanging height to be adjusted according to what is most pleasing to the eye. Something to consider for ceilings above eight feet high–you will want to raise the hanging height by 3″ per each additional foot of ceiling height.


2) What size chandelier should I be looking for?


The size of your chandelier is almost directly related to the size of another piece–your dining room table. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the width of the fixture should be one-third to one-half the width of your dining room table. Always keep in mind the height of the chandelier in relation to ceiling height. A 36″ high chandelier would not be ideal for a room with nine foot ceilings.


3) Do the same set of rules apply to hanging a chandelier in a foyer?


Not necessarily. Some guidelines to follow in the foyer, and in any area that will not be anchored by a table, is that the fixture should be suspended at least seven feet about the finished floor to safeguard against clearance issues. Not sure about the diameter? Try taking the width of the intended room and adding that dimension to the length. For example, a foyer measuring 10′ wide by 12′ long could use a 22″ wide chandelier hung seven feet above the floor.

The Anna lantern in dirty gold

The Anna lantern in dirty gold

Chandeliers are no longer confined to the dining room. They can provide an alternative source of light over a seating area in the living room…

The Marigot chandelier in old brass with brown bead trim

The Marigot chandelier in old brass with brown bead trim

An elegant addition to a powder room…


The aqua droplet chandelier

Add softness to the master bedroom…

The bead and tassel chandelier in old white

The bead and tassel chandelier in old white

Or provide a break from the traditional in a library…

The Axel orb chandelier in chestnut

The Axel orb chandelier in chestnut

Of course many of these guiding principles are just suggestions to aid in your decorating journey. There are always exceptions to the rule as each home has its own individual character; given their time to shine, chandeliers will always provide a unique statement in any living space. Please stop by any of our stores where we not only can provide you with additional advice, but also an assortment of in-stock and special order chandeliers.